Our governance means data you can trust with Yellowfin 7.3+

Yellowfin 7.3+ will empower IT to deliver trustworthy analytics throughout the enterprise with industry leading data governance, data analysts to produce better insights by connecting to more data sources, and business users to embrace Business Intelligence (BI) with boundless charting options.

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With Yellowfin 7.3+, governance is front and center. The major enhancements include:

Better data governance

Successful analytics requires trust. Trust that your data and analysis is accurate and consistent so that the right people can make the best decisions. Every time. Yellowfin 7.3+ delivers industry leading governance that enable you to deploy trustworthy enterprise analytics today. Know that the right people can always access accurate insights at the right time with Yellowfin’s new View approval process and Change Management Module. Enjoy full control and visibility when promoting and migrating trusted data sources and BI content into your production environment.

  • View approval workflow

    Yellowfin’s content approval workflow has been extended to include Yellowfin Views (metadata), meaning the data preparation layer can run through an authorized sign-off process before being published – just like any reports, dashboards or Storyboards.

  • Task Management integration

    Because Yellowfin’s new View approval workflow is seamlessly integrated with Yellowfin’s Task Management framework, all your analytics stakeholders – from data stewards, business users and data analysts – can stay on top of your changing data landscape.

  • Change Management Module

    Being able to migrate content across multiple BI environments is a critical capability for enterprise IT. Yellowfin’s new Change Management Module provides complete visibility over all content imported and exported within any Yellowfin instance in one place. Easily track all content changes, dependencies and conduct batch updates through one seamless interface.

More data source connections

We all want to discover better, deeper insights with our analytics programs. But, to do that successfully, you need fast access to your most important assets. With Yellowfin 7.3+, we’re making it even easier to access, mash-up and act on all your data in one place.

Easily connect to even more data sources, in a single analytics platform, with Yellowfin’s new range of data source connections. Imagine the possibilities with connectors for Snowflake, Apache HBase and direct connection to SAP BW’s BEx layer. Even visualize your JSON data directly in Yellowfin – pulling from APIs, government datasets or web apps – with our new JSON connector. Satisfy your Big Data and data streaming needs with Yellowfin 7.3+.

Unlimited charting options

If you love doing something, you get better results. Analytics is no different. Discover how Yellowfin 7.3+ unlocks an unlimited range of charting enhancements that are both a joy to create and consume. Experience fresh and near limitless data visualization options with Conditional Canvas Widgets, new meter, dial and gauge charts, as well as integration with JavaScript charting libraries.

  • New JavaScript Charts

    Easily access and use your favorite JavaScript charting libraries within Yellowfin via the new JavaScript Chart Framework in Yellowfin 7.3+. Effortlessly integrate interactive D3 charts, Sankey Diagrams, Force-Directed Network Graphs or GoogleCharts into your Yellowfin dashboards. Even add your own code customizations and style them any way you like. Better yet, the JavaScript Chart Framework is directly integrated into Yellowfin’s Chart Builder, leveraging Yellowfin’s enterprise security, governance, and content migration capabilities.

  • Conditional Canvas Widgets

    Instantly understand the current status of your live data sources with Conditional Canvas Widgets. Yellowfin 7.3+ brings Conditional Formatting functionality from Yellowfin reports into the Content Creation Canvas. Added to all text, shape, image and icon widgets, a Conditional Formatting Panel allows you to apply specific conditional formatting rules to each canvas widget. The result? All widgets included in any visualization created with Yellowfin’s Content Creation Canvas can now dynamically change to reflect shifts in your data.

  • Enhanced Yellowfin chart options

    Refreshed meter, gauge and dial charts offer a slick new look-and-feel, along with added functionality to enable more customization and flexibility. From stylized outlines and tick labels, to new value displays, simple summarization, and customised color bands and opacities for chart metrics, engaging your users just became even easier. And, enhancements to thermometer charts now mean you can also create bullet graphs too. Enjoy the flexibility and freedom to visualize your data, your way. Boost user satisfaction and adoption with unconstrained new visualization possibilities. Build an analytics experience that’s right for you and your team with Yellowfin 7.3+.