Making Big Data Analytics with Hadoop Fast & Easy: Webinar recording and slides

Miss our Big Data Analytics with Hadoop Webinar series?

You’re in luck – we thoughtfully recorded the Webinar for your on-demand viewing pleasure.

Big Data Analytics with Hadoop Webinar recording

Big Data Analytics with Hadoop Webinar presentation slides

And, we uploaded the slide deck to Slideshare; allowing you to move through the presentation at your own pace.

Download the presentation slides HERE >

Why do Yellowfin and Actian work so well together?

Well, it’s simple really.

Gartner’s past three Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics Magic Quadrant surveys have revealed that ease-of-use is considered the most important selection criteria when purchasing a BI platform. And, the past 13 versions of The BI Survey – the largest worldwide study of BI end-users conducted by the Business Application Research Center (BARC) – exposed slow query performance as the number one reason for BI project failure.

Together, Actian and Yellowfin offer the world’s fastest and easiest complete Big Data Analytics solution.

Yellowfin is the world’s No.1 dashboard vendor according to BARC’s The BI Survey 12, recognized for ease-of-use with 100 percent customer recommendation.

Actian boasts the world’s fastest analytic database in Vectorwise, which has smashed the Transaction Processing Performance Council’s Industry Standard TPC-H 300GB and 1TB benchmarks again, again and again.

Why watch?

Looking to analyze your Big Data assets to unlock real business benefits today? But, are you sick of all the theories, hype and whoopla?

Watch this on-demand Webinar from Actian and YellowfinBig Data Analytics with Hadoop – to discover how we’re making Big Data Analytics fast and easy.

Hold on as we go from data in Hadoop to dashboard in just 40-minutes.

Learn how to combine Hadoop with the most advanced Big Data technologies, and world’s easiest BI solution, to quickly generate real business value from Big Data Analytics.

Watch as we use live CDR data stored in Hadoop – quickly connecting, preparing, optimizing and analyzing this data in a tangible real-world use case from the telecommunications industry – to easily deliver actionable insights to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

What will you learn?

Discover how Actian’s market-leading Big Data Analytics technologies, combined with Yellowfin’s consumer-oriented platform for reporting and analytics, makes generating value from Big Data Analytics faster and easier than you thought possible.

Join us as we demonstrate how to:

  • Connect to Big Data: Connect live to streaming CDR data in Hadoop
  • Prepare Big Data: Transform CDR logs into a rich structured format
  • Optimize Big Data: Parallel load at high speeds into Actian’s Big Data Analytics platform
  • Analyze Big Data: Discover new insights with fast queries inside an effortlessly intuitive BI platform
  • Deliver pervasive Big Data insights: Learn how to empower all your analytics stakeholders to understand, explore, share and act on Big Data Analytics quickly
  • Communicate insights attained from Big Data: Optimize the value of your Big Data insights by learning how to effectively communicate analytical information to defined user groups and types

This Webinar is ideal if…

  • You want to act on more data and data types in shorter timeframes
  • You want to understand the steps involved in achieving Big Data success – both front and back end
  • You thought that taking action from Big Data was too costly and complex

Looking to analyze and exploit Big Data assets stored in Hadoop? Then this Webinar is a must.

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