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Yellowfin running under SaaS (Software as a service)

Since Yellowfin is %100 browser based, Yellowfin already supports SaaS.

You can deploy Yellowing as normal in traditional hosted environments which can then be accessed by any user with access to that server via their internet browser. (Yellowfin can also use a subscription based pricing model.)

System requirements for such implementation really does depend on the amount of data being processed and also the number of users connecting to the database.

Please see Server Requirements for more information.

When using Yellowfin under an SaaS environment security configuration is very important.

There are a few different security implementations that can used in conjuction with eachother:

Yellowfin Local Security : Set ‘Read-only’ Report Categories /Dashboards , User-Role security settings etc..

Source Filter Data Access: Data is specific to user login, e.g VIC/NSW Sales only

Client Orgs: Multiple Organisation logins, each with access to their own set of Users/Data Sources/Views/Reports etc..

If you have any questions or concerns please email [color=”#2200C1″>[/color].

For more information please see the attached ‘Yellowfin & SaaS.pdf’