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Filter values not visible for SQL view have source filter


We have created Free hand SQL based View and have implemented the source filter restriction for a column. When a report is created from this view and filters are added in the report builder page, there is no values listed when clicked on the user prompt under filter settings (funnel).
I have attached the screen shot of the same.

However,in the filter settings if we enable value list selection and click on "refresh now" button values come up.

This above issue happens only if source filter is applied at the report.If we disable the source filter in the report it works fine.

Is there any difference in the way the filter values are fetched in the report builder page and in the value list selection (under filter settings) when source filters are applied.

NOTE: Above behaviour is only with free hand SQL view

Please let us know if its an issue.

We are currently using YF7.1 jan 2015 build.


I have not received any response for the above issue.Can you please look into this issue on priority?


Hi Mala,

sorry for the delay, we were able to reproduce this issue over here so I have raised a Product Defect, the support task ID is 188316 and has been added to the agenda for the next developers' meeting on Monday for discussion and allocation.

thanks for alerting us to this issue and apologies for the inconvenience caused.


Please let us know if the above task id is fixed or is there any ETA for the same.

Hello Mala,

David A is not in the office yet so I took at look at this task for you.

Unfortunately it appears that this defect has not been fixed, as of yet.
I will touch base with David A. to see if he can bring this up in this
weeks meeting and obtain an ETA on this for you.

We will then update you through this forum post.

Thank you,