It's Smart Reporting,
Just Smarter!

Yellowfin is a powerful embeddable Bl platform, and the product BMC OEM'd to create Smart Reporting. Upgrading your existing version of Smart Reporting to the full version of Yellowfin enable you to keep using the reports, dashboards and features you love, and opens the door to many newer features and capabilities.

Upgrading to Yellowfin is as easy as 1-2-3

Copy your existing reports

We take a copy of your existing Smart Reporting content and make it a stand alone version of Yellowfin

Upgrade to Yellowfin and Import Your Reports

Upgrade the copy to the latest version of Yellowfin

Do more with Yellowfin

Point BMC Helix to Yellowfin and do more with new data sources, alerts, automated insights, and NLQ.

Top Reasons for Upgrading to Yellowfin from
Smart Reporting

No Disruption

  • Keep what you love, and make it even better with the latest features
  • Keep using your existing reports and dashboards
  • Lowest risk to business process
  • High levels of user satisfaction
  • No need to retrain end users

Multiple Data Sources

    • Expand beyond Remedy
    • Bring more data into your Dashboards and combine data from other Internal systems.

Guided NLQ

    • A simple way for anyone to ask the hard questions
    • How do business leaders foster a data-driven culture to help drive decision-making? That’s a good question, and Yellowfin Guided NLQ (Natural Language Query) is the right answer.

New Charting Features

  • Action Buttons (that allow you to link data to other systems)
  • Save Broadcasts to disk and review them over time
  • Create “Sections” in reports, to break up large datasets.
  • Benefit from faster data processing with Report Branching
  • Sparklines columns show data over time, without the need to drill down
  • Many more enhancements to filtering, chart visualisation, and data ordering

Improved Governance

  • Ensure data is approved for use, and the best it can be. Beyond making it faster for users to create their own content, you can also keep control by ensuring that all published content is approved by your data teams before its used.
  • Centralised Image Manager for brand consistency on dashboards and reports.

Yellowfin Stories

Yellowfin Stories Yellowfin Stories will change the way data flows through your organisation. By sharing knowledge and insights in a news like format that is built for mobile, Yellowfin Stories has the power to transform how people consume and learn from data and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Yellowfin Present

Click. Drag. Drop. Present

Seamlessly build management and financial reports and presentations using Yellowfin Present. Data can be dynamically refreshed ensuring it is always accurate and up to date meaning you can present with confidence.

Use Helix as well!

Choosing to continue your use of Smart Reporting Yellowfin, doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from Helix Dashboards too! It’s a Win-Win!

Yellowfin vs. Grafana: A Side-By
Side BI Platform Comparison

Discover the feature/functional differences between Yellowfin BI and the existing Grafana-enabled Helix dashboards.

Discover Your Options for BMC Smart Reporting

BMC's EOL of Smart Reporting for Remedy is just months away, connect with our team to learn about your options for Yellowfin for Smart Reporting.
Customers can now purchase a fully supported Yellowfin analytics platform that extends the life of their current Smart Reporting solutions and works with BMC's new Helix ITSM platform.

Continue to use a fully supported version of Yellowfin:

  • No need to migrate to a new reporting platform
  • No need to rebuild reports and dashboards
  • Direct support from Yellowfin and or our BMC certified partners

BMC Partners and customers get preferential pricing and can build on their existing BMC Smart Reporting foundation.

Contact the Yellowfin team to learn more.

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