Yellowfin Data Discovery

Faster Analysis, Better Insights, Shared Understanding

To better understand your business, you need to explore your data, discover patterns and outliers, and share your insights with others. Yellowfin Data Discovery accelerates discovery and lets you share and disseminate in a governed way.

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Faster discovery – Just ask for it

Cut down discovery time. Assisted Insights automatically and instantly seeks out the answers to your queries. Use the Smart Analysis button in the report builder, drag the data that requires analysis, and just click.

Faster Data Discovery

Show and tell  

Give life to your data with stunning interactive visualizations. Understand your business from all perspectives with over 50 chart types – from trellis charts to GIS maps and infographics.

Activity Panel - Don't Keep It To Yourself

Don’t keep it to yourself

Life is better when you share. Get your data out there for feedback and comments by publishing and sharing it to workflows, Dashboards, Stories and Storyboards.

Governed and secure

Put your trust in us

Data that can’t be trusted or is potentially inaccurate is useless. That’s why governance and security are baked into Yellowfin Data Discovery through our metadata layer. It provides control for administrators and assures accurate, reliable data.

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