Collaborative BI

Align action with strategy

You expect your Business Intelligence solution to convert data into insights. However, finding insights is only half the puzzle, because data-driven insights are only valuable when shared.

Traditional BI platforms leave you disconnected from where people make decisions – in the field, via email, and in meetings. Yellowfin is different; enabling faster and smarter collective decision-making. Yellowfin is redefining what Collaborative BI means in the BI industry.

Share your valuable insights

Make it easy for everyone to share important insights securely throughout your organization. Yellowfin Reports, Dashboards, Signals, and Stories can be shared in a multitude of ways. Distribute, export, email, and link to BI content. Attach live and interactive BI content to in-application discussions and share links to give people access to your insights.

Access your insights anywhere

Be notified of important changes in your data with Yellowfin Signals on your mobile, even when you’re on the move. Access AI-driven analysis anywhere and turn to your team to take instant action. Consume governed analysis and commentary with Yellowfin Stories across multiple devices to ensure a common and consistent understanding in your organization.

Collaborate and turn data into action

When it comes to discussing data, email falls short. Yellowfin Activity Streams combine human knowledge with business data to make your entire organization smarter. Strike-up a conversation related to any piece of Yellowfin content while adding context with annotations, attachments, links and comments. Discover a better way of discussing the big issues and collectively deciding the best course of action with Yellowfin.

“With the ability to create a profile, update statuses, and track past conversations, no other platforms enable collaboration like Yellowfin. These features both improve adoption amongst business users and the decision-making process within the organization.”

Daniel Ko – Senior Consulting Analyst,
Info-Tech Research Group

Keep track of everything that’s happening

Collaboration needs to be more than just comments on reports. That’s why Yellowfin introduced Timeline. Seamlessly follow, share, interact and collaborate with the BI content, people and discussions that matter to you. Timeline – a Facebook-like feed – creates a searchable, personalized, chronological catalogue of your individual activities and interactions within Yellowfin in real-time.

Yellowfin Systems Administrator

Yellowfin recognized for leading-edge collaborative BI

See how Yellowfin is redefining what Collaborative BI means in the BI industry.