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SaaS and cloud applications remove the problem of long and complex deployments. With Yellowfin’s browser-based development and configuration environment, you’re able to host the entire solution in the cloud or on-premise.

Cloud Services


At Yellowfin, we understand the complexities of multi-tenancy support. You’ve gone to a lot of trouble to build an application that partitions data based on your client ID. Well, here’s a BI solution that lets you continue to do the same.


100% browser based

Yellowfin is 100% browser-based – there’s no thick client for content creation or administration. Work from a single environment and enjoy hassle-free integration and deployment in the cloud.

Get started with Yellowfin in the cloud

MS Azure

Private or public, virtual or physical

Yellowfin has been built as a cloud-based BI solution from the ground up. Deploy Yellowfin in a public cloud, like Amazon, Azure and Google, or in your own private cloud. Ensure you only pay for the resources required, including those that elastically grow and shrink with user demand. Yellowfin can also be deployed on physical or virtual servers and any operating system that supports a full JVM. Virtual servers allow you to easily scale a single instance or node, allocating CPU and RAM as demand grows.

“Cloud BI is clearly a space in which Yellowfin dominates. Yellowfin has been the top ranked ad-hoc reporting and dashboard vendor in cloud BI over the past three years of BARC’s The BI Survey.”

Dr. Carsten Bange - Founder & CEO,

Scale horizontally and vertically

Built with growth in mind, Yellowfin provides the scalability big deployments need. Yellowfin can be clustered on multiple servers to enable high availability and load balancing. Clustering allows you to cater for many thousands of concurrent users, who can also continue their work during node failure.

Scale Servers Horizontally and Vertically

Yellowfin named in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms 2019. Read More

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