Deliver better governed data that people want to use.

Yellowfin BI has twice the adoption rate of other platforms because our analytics platform addresses genuine business needs. We understand that business decision makers don’t want to spend their days creating their own reports – they’d much rather just take advantage of curated data they trust.




Embedded Apps

Business people actually want reports and dashboards based on data that IT and analysts have vetted. They want data they can trace back to the source. They want to be able to answer, “Why did that happen?” on their own without sifting through a mountain of data.

"Yellowfin has officially entered the realm of developer-friendly BI tools with this release. This is truly where BI should be headed."

Whitney Lepore,

Get control by delivering what they want

Enable business users to get the data they need when they need it without sacrificing data integrity and control. Because Yellowfin makes it easy to pull in multiple data sources, your analysts and IT team can make sure the data and logic feeding into business reports and dashboards are accurate and trustworthy. This is why Forrester called our approach 360-degree governance.

Yellowfin Systems Administrator

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