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Yellowfin is unique. It is the only enterprise analytics platform that enables organizations to extract transformational value from their data - because we combine action based dashboards, automated data discovery, and data storytelling into a single, integrated, seamless platform.

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Deliver a complete analytics experience

The Yellowfin platform has been designed for data professionals to create exceptional analytic experiences for an organization's employees, customers or suppliers by enabling all stakeholders to share and act on data in a governed and secure way.

Connect to and prepare all
your data

Connect to all your data, whether in databases, spreadsheets or via a web API, and prepare it for analysis.  Yellowfin enables you to create data sets that are governed and secure.  Enabling reuse for self-service reporting.

Connect to and prepare all your data
Share data and discover insights

Share data and discover insights

Whether you want to create operational reports or strategic dashboards the Yellowfin suits enables you to create and share compelling analytical content. With assisted insights, Yellowfin helps automate the data discovery process and the flexibility of our dashboard canvas enables you to create beautiful pixel-perfect dashboards that your users will love.

Monitor your business continuously

Whether using threshold based alerts or Yellowfin Signals to automatically monitor your data you can ensure that you will know when important changes to your business data happens. There is no need for time-consuming and monotonous manual analysis. Let Yellowfin do the heavy lifting for you.

Monitor your business continuously
Provide the context the business needs

Provide the context the
business needs

Knowing what changed in your data is important, knowing why is critical. With Yellowfin Stories and Present you can create management reports directly within Yellowfin that keep everyone informed. Providing them with the context they need to take action. You will never need to cut and paste report data again.

Deliver closed loop analytics

Embed action into your dashboards and close the analytics loop. With Yellowfin you can extend your dashboards with operational workflows and operationalize your data science models so end users can take action right within your dashboard.

Deliver closed loop analytics

Platform Components

Yellowfin has five core products all tightly integrated into a single analytics platform. Everything you need to create, deploy and manage analytics across the enterprise, with full white-labelling supported.

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Yellowfin Dashboards

A better way to monitor, decide and take drive action.  AI powered and with greater flexibility and functionality that drives action, do things never before done in a dashboard.

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Yellowfin Data Discovery

Accelerate your analysis with Assisted Insights. Visualize and share with industry-leading collaboration tools. Findings can be shared to many workflows and reused in Dashboards, Stories, and Storyboards.

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Yellowfin Signals

Discover what your dashboards are missing. Put the first-ever automated analysis to work for you. Add it to your existing dashboard environment, regardless of vendor, and receive personalized signals that show you the changes that matter.

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Yellowfin Data Storytelling

Increase user adoption for your analytics tools – author data stories and presentations that give your data a voice while generating common, consistent understanding across your organization. Embed reports from other dashboard vendors and collaborate with your team to create fully formed stories and presentations.

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Yellowfin Data Prep

Prepare your data for analysis. Yellowfin has everything you need to connect and extract data from all your business sources, including spreadsheets, Web APIs, and databases.

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Analytics for a mobile world

Enable everyone, everywhere to share and act on data. The Yellowfin mobile app provides a compelling experience for business people on the go. As part of the Yellowfin analytics platform, extend your ability to discover, collaborate and act on insights and create an inclusive and effective data culture with an experience reimagined for a mobile world.

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