Integrate analytics into your platform today

Designed and built with developers in mind

Assemble, extend, and embed dashboards and white-label analytics into your software with our developer toolkits, APIs and built-in code editing. Deploy at scale, and deliver exceptional analytical experiences with minimal effort.

Everything you need across the full development life cycle

The Yellowfin suite provides you with all the development tools you need across the full analytic development lifecycle. Our data-agnostic approach means you’re not locked in and free to use toolsets you’re already familiar with. From design to deployment, we have you covered.

  • Design

    Create effortlessly with the assurance of pixel-perfect rendering

  • Prototype

    Mock-up your requirements quickly with our adaptable toolset

  • Assemble

    Build powerful dashboards via visual and code editing modes

  • Extend

    Turbo charge your platform with embed actions, code and more

  • Integrate

    Use the Yellowfin JS API and dev toolkits for seamless integration

  • Deploy

    Deploy anywhere — on-premises, in containers, and in the cloud

  • Iterate

    Improve your output incrementally with tools such as adoption metric

Build to spec without constraints

Yellowfin contains an abundance of analytic tools right out of the box, including automated alerts, pre-packaged adoption metrics and guided natural language query (NLQ). Our simple and flexible data connectivity, import and export tools further reduce configuration and development time so you can assemble exceptional analytic experiences faster, without relying on a team of data scientists.

  • Connect to all your data
  • Integrate anything and deploy quickly
  • Build pixel-perfect dashboards

Extend Yellowfin with custom code

Prototype visually, then use our built-in code editor or our open APIs to extend your custom analytics in any way you want. Yellowfin doesn’t have a proprietary development language so you can use HTML, CSS and any flavour of JavaScript to create sophisticated dashboards fast.

  • Use our Code Mode code editor to enable workflows and actions
  • Build bespoke analytic solutions without the learning curve
  • Bring your own JS Charts or use our library

Integrate seamlessly with your product

Yellowfin is a single web application that’s easy to white label and embed seamlessly into your application. Our flexible UI integration, comprehensive APIs, and security integration give you all the options you need to deliver a fully embedded, white-labeled BI solution.

  • Provision clients and users automatically
  • Synchronize data security automatically
  • Brand according to your needs

Infrastructure you can depend on

Yellowfin gives engineering teams the tools they need to successfully manage the DevOps lifecycle. Deploy where you want — on Windows or Linux, in containers, on-premises or in the cloud. Built to scale, Yellowfin is highly secure and supports the scalability and high availability needed for massive deployments.

  • Highly secure and multi-tenant enabled
  • Deploy anywhere - on-premises, in containers or in the cloud
  • Manage at scale — horizontally and vertically

A technology partner you can trust

Yellowfin is a recognized leader in self-service embedded analytics. With its open framework, robust APIs, and modern web architecture, you can assemble and deploy embedded analytics securely into any application.

Built for scaling

Designed with growth in mind, Yellowfin lets you add data and users without compromising performance. Scale up and scale out at any time.

Enterprise-grade security

Your data security is a top priority. Not only do we make it easy to inherit your existing security model, Yellowfin enables single sign-on, multi-tenant deployments, and precise control over user access with a user, role, group, content, function and data-level security models.

No proprietary lock-in

Unlike other tools, Yellowfin is a 100% open platform. We do not lock you in with proprietary databases or development languages. You and your team can use your existing skills and tools to assemble and deploy your embedded BI solution quickly, affordably and with the least amount of stress.

Yellowfin Evaluation Guide

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