Embed custom analytics into your application today

Designed and built with developers in mind

Using our developer toolkits, APIs, and Code Mode you can rapidly assemble, extend, and embed dashboards and white label analytics into your software, deploy at scale, and deliver exceptional analytical experiences fast.

Yellowfin dashboards

Everything you need across the full development life cycle

The Yellowfin suite has been built to provide you with all the tools you need across the full analytic development lifecycle. From prototype and design through to deployment we have you covered.

  • Prototype

    Quick concepting through rapid prototyping

  • Design

    Pixel perfect design No constraints

  • Assemble

    From data to dashboards
    Visual or Code mode

  • Extend

    Extend with code
    Embed actions
    Add custom
    JS Charts

  • Integrate

    Tightly integrate into your product

  • Deploy

    Deploy anywhere on-premises or in the cloud

  • Iterate

    Review performance Incremental improvements

Build to spec. No Constraints.

Assemble exceptional analytic experiences faster. Connect to all your data and build beautiful dashboards using a pixel perfect canvas that lets you meet and exceed the most demanding specifications of your UX and product teams.

  • Connect to all your data
  • Choose the right visualizations
  • Build pixel perfect dashboards
Yellowfin dashboard illustration
Yellowfin dashboard illustration

Extend Yellowfin with custom code.

Prototype visually then use code mode or our open APIs to extend your custom analytics in any way you want. The best part? Yellowfin does not have a proprietary development language. You can use HTML, CSS and any flavour of JavaScript you are most comfortable working with.

  • Bring your own JS Charts or use ours 
  • Integrate your Data Science models or use our Signals
  • Use code mode to enable workflows and actions

Integrate seamlessly with your product.

Yellowfin is a single web application that is easy to white label and seamlessly embed into your application. Our flexible UI integration, comprehensive APIs, and security integration give you all the options you need to deliver a fully embedded, white labelled BI solution.

  • Provision Clients and Users automatically
  • Synchronize data security automatically
  • Seamless UI integration and actionable workflows
Yellowfin dashboard illustration
Infrastructure you can depend on illustration

Infrastructure you can depend on.

Yellowfin gives engineering teams the tools they need to successfully manage the DevOps lifecycle. Deploy where you want: on Windows or Linux, on-premise or cloud. Built to scale, Yellowfin is highly secure and supports the scalability and high-availability needed for massive deployments.

  • Highly Secure and Multi-tenant enabled
  • Choose your Cloud - Private, Public or On-Premise
  • Manage at Scale - horizontally and vertically

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