Yellowfin for
Financial Services

Efficiently Navigate Financial Insights & Compliance Goals

If your organization struggles to manage complex financial data from a variety of sources, Yellowfin has you covered. With Yellowfin you can connect directly to your big data sources and perform lightning-quick analytics.

See how Financial Institutions leverage Yellowfin's analytics for dynamic risk assessment, smarter investments, and informed decision-making.


ANZ Bank, one of Australia's leading financial institutions, sought to improve data reporting amid concerns over financial advice to older clients. ANZ opted for Yellowfin due to its superior visualization capabilities and integration with World WideApplications technology.


Guideline BizTech, wanted a fast, and easy-to-use method of reporting on the governance, risk and compliance (GRC) data collected by their clients in RUBIQ – their enterprise business. They chose Yellowfin for its flexibility and adaptability.


MIP incorporated Yellowfin BI into its financial software, facilitating real-time data access, intuitive visuals, and mobile reporting. This enhanced operations, decision-making, and client attraction, paving the way for future growth and innovation in data-driven insights.


Abrigo, a U.S. financial software provider, teamed up with Yellowfin to automate data discovery for banking customers. Through Yellowfin Signals, Abrigo empowers quick insights, improving risk management and decision-making for banks and credit unions.

Drive Transformational Value from Your Data

Whether you’re a large retail bank, superannuation fund, securities or asset management firm, you need to run your financial business efficiently, meet regulatory compliance and reach customers effectively. You have huge amounts of data that can help you achieve those goals, but the insights are buried in complexity. Reveal those insights with Yellowfin’s analytics platform.

Analyze trends to determine where costs can be reduced and investments made.

Visualize patterns in claims and product purchases, streamline back office processes and develop highly targeted services with secure access to your live analytics anywhere, anytime.

Detect revenue opportunities, manage risks and bolster client relations with real-time reporting.

Never miss an insight 

Missed or delayed insights on business risks or opportunities directly link to your bottom line.

Be more efficient

Automate key parts of the analysis process ensuring timeliness, accuracy, and reliability.

Increase ROI

 Find the answers you need, visualize them and then share the results with the team who will benefit from it.


Leverage the vast volume of data generated by banking, financial institutions and customers, whatever the data, its format, and its source. Understand the numbers from every product, process and customer interaction. Confidently make better decisions, hone your offering and refine customer experience to drive growth.

Simplify Data Complexity

Data volume and complexity is constantly increasing and financial business people across the enterprise are drowning in data. It’s impossible for them to manually analyze every conceivable combination of transactional data. Automating analytics is the solution.

Connect to All of Your Data in

Yellowfin makes it easy to connect to JDBC compliant databases, XML/A compliant cubes, CSV files, and third-party sources like Salesforce, Google Analytics, and many more, all from a single platform.

Avoid vendor lock-in - Yellowfin’s non-proprietary data preparation outputs can be used with other analytic tools. All data is stored in commonly used database management systems of your choice.

Rock solid security

Yellowfin security is highly configurable and fine-grained. We provide you with a user, role, group, content, function, and data level security model that you can configure as you wish. Or, better still, use LDAP or active directory to reuse the security frameworks you already have in place in your business.

Delight your customers extending their financial analytics experience

Increase the value of your financial solution by providing customers with Yellowfin’s market leading analytics platform.

Help customers understand the value you provide with detailed analysis of their financial data, increasing revenue and upsell opportunities.

Stay ahead of your competition by providing visionary reporting functionality, delivering instant answers about complex questions of their data.

Provide your sales team with a significant product differentiator to help them win.

See Why Leading Fintech Companies Rely on Yellowfin for Their BI and Analytics Needs

Yellowfin's analytics and BI platform delivers the core benefits that Financial Institutions and Fintech Software Developers demand. Empower your users with a single-source of truth that meets the highest data governance standards, and delivers an unmatched user experience. Request your personalized demo to learn more.