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The Ultimate Guide to Embedded Analytics

How to modernize your app’s analytics with embedded analytics

Adding analytics to your product that yields new performance insights, drives customer satisfaction and increases your revenue is one of the most beneficial improvements your business can make.

This ultimate embedded analytics guide, built from Yellowfin’s vast experience in assisting software vendors and enterprises, is designed to help you with detailed steps for integrating and launching your own analytical application. 

This free, detailed guide to embedding analytics includes:

  • How to set your vision, goals and objectives
  • Building a successful delivery team
  • Designing for your audience
  • Selecting the right analytics platform
  • Integration into your application
  • Prototype and beta testing
  • Developing your pricing model
  • Operational readiness
  • Launch, roll-out and post-launch strategies
  • Case studies


The aim of this guide is to assist you in understanding the full benefits of embedded analytics and its impact in modernizing your product and bringing easy data analysis for every line-of-business user - not just those who are technical or experts in data.

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