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Yellowfin Pricing

Discover the value of your data

Yellowfin is priced to accommodate the unique analytic needs of both enterprise and software companies. Flexible and competitive, our subscription based pricing is designed to enable you to quickly generate value from your data. Speak with our team to find the best value pricing for your needs.

Enterprise for business illustration

Enterprise for

Monitor, analyze, decide,
and take action.

Named user or server based pricing

Suite of analytic products

Action based, extensible dashboards

ETL (Extract, Transform, Load)

Data Storytelling

Comprehensive data exploration tools

Automated data discovery

Governed and Secure

Mobile App

Embedded for Software Companies

Create outstanding data driven customer experiences.

MVP startup package to get you going

Flexible pricing that grows with you

Suite of analytic products

Data storytelling

Automated data discovery

Developer friendly

Comprehensive APIs

Highly extensible

Mobile App

Request a demo and discover the value of your data.

See the full Yellowfin suite to learn how you can use Yellowfin internally to optimize your business or embed it in your own application and add value for your customers.