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Through the combination of Yellowfin’s visionary product suite and your domain expertise, Yellowfin can help you to build your business and provide a compelling differentiation from your competitors.

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Help your customers transform their businesses with data

With Yellowfin’s innovative data and analytics suite you can help your customers to transform their businesses through data by offering them amazing analytical experiences that maximize the value of their data and engage more people throughout the enterprise.

Help your customers transform their businesses with data

Opportunities to deliver value

Industry analysts like Gartner acknowledge that Yellowfin has the broadest and most unique range of analytic products in the industry. Yellowfin enables you to deliver unmatched value to your customers.  From legacy migration to the development of analytical applications that drive action, Yellowfin has you covered.

Legacy BI Migration

Legacy BI

Migrate your customers from their legacy BI tools to a modern data and analytics platform. Our proven methodologies accelerate migration and increase client satisfaction.

Build Analytic Applications

Build Analytic Applications

Combine your domain expertise with Yellowfin’s powerful data application development tools to bring innovative new pre-packaged data products to market fast.

Deliver Insights as a service

Deliver Insights as a service

Provide hosting services and then extend them with business consulting and data analysis. Deliver insights via Yellowfin Stories and Present..

Augment Existing BI Environments

Augment Existing BI Environments

Provide differentiated analytic experiences to maximize the value of your customers’ existing BI investments through the stand-alone use of Yellowfin Stories and Signals.

Green Field Deployments

Green Field Deployments

Deliver rapid value for new BI and analytic projects, either departmental or enterprise, on premises or as a cloud service, by delivering the broadest range of analytic capability available in the industry today.

Grow your business

Provide a range of products and services to your customers so that you can grow your analytics practice and build a long term revenue stream.

Build recurring revenue

Build recurring

Create a subscription business to develop an ongoing revenue stream. Reduce the emphasis on one-off services projects in favour of recurring revenue.

Create unique data products

Create unique data products

Your customers are looking for turn-key solutions. Accelerate the delivery of analytic solutions through pre-packaged applications that leverage your domain expertise and your customer’s data assets.

Build your brand not ours

Build your brand
not ours

Leverage the trust you have built with your customers by white labeling / OEMing Yellowfin. Build your brand and create deeper relationships with your customers.

Expand your services offering

Expand your services offering

Create more value for your clients by delivering Yellowfin as a hosted service. Augment simple hosting with insights as a service - delivering ongoing business analysis on their data.

Be highly differentiated

Be highly

Yellowfin’s innovative data and analytics suite provides you with the opportunity to deliver highly differentiated products and services to your clients especially when combined with your domain expertise.

When we say partner, we mean business

Highly Differentiated


Not just dashboards - a truely unique offering for your customers

  1. Automated Analysis
  2. Data Storytelling
  3. Operational Workflows
Commercial & Tech Support

Commercial &
Tech Support

  1. We work with you to plan onboarding, training and success beyond the first few projects
  2. Marketing assistance to grow our combined brand
  3. Follow the sun support for your global customers
We don’t compete

We don't compete

Our resources are focused on building the world's best analytics suite

We rely on our partners for long term implementation and service support

Creating analytical experiences to 29,000+ companies world wide

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