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Be the trusted advisor and analytics partner to the business

Yellowfin provides you with everything you need to deliver outstanding data analysis to the business. More than just dashboards, Yellowfin helps you with automated analysis - so you can provide answers faster, and interactive executive reports and presentations so you can share insights and interpret results.

Everything you need across the full analytic workflow

Yellowfin helps you to deliver results quickly by simplifying the entire analytics workflow. From connecting to and preparing your data, to building dashboards and reports and finally preparing management reports Yellowfin has you covered.

  • Connect

    Connect to all your data

  • Prepare

    Transform and shape your data for analysis

  • Build

    Create brilliant dashboards and reports

  • Analyse

    Manually or automatically analyse your data

  • Collaborate

    Work with your peers to deliver insights faster

Connect to and prepare your data for analysis

Create robust, high quality data-sets for analysis. Connect to all your data, transform it if necessary and prepare it for analysis by publishing it into the Yellowfin Data Catalogue. Yellowfin allows you to build data models that are trusted by the business.

  • Connect to files, databases, cubes and API data sources
  • Transform your data through simple to use ETL
  • Publish a data catalogue and trust that data is used correctly and consistently
Yellowfin dashboard
Yellowfin dashboard

For all your operational reporting needs

Dashboards alone don’t support your all your reporting needs. With Yellowfin you can create and share operational reports with ease. From Finance to Operations Yellowfin can support day-to-day operational decision making.

  • Advanced tabular reporting
  • Broadcasts, scheduling and alerts
  • Export to spreadsheets

Create Dashboards that will excite the business

Yellowfin dashboards allow you to collaborate with the business to quickly assemble reports and visualizations from 1 or more data sources. With un-matched design flexibility and the ability to add actions you can create dashboards with impact!

  • Collaborative prototyping
  • Pixel-perfect design or simplified templates
  • Low code / no code actions
Yellowfin dashboard
Yellowfin dashboard

Analyse data faster. Never miss a critical change

Discovering what happened and why is a critical capability. Yellowfin helps you to discover changes and outliers in your data with incredible efficiency. From self-service data discovery to fully automated AI driven signals you will never miss a critical change in the business.

  • Manual or guided data discovery
  • Threshold based alerts
  • Automated data discovery

Operationalize your Data Science models

Yellowfin makes it easy to productionize and operationalize your data science models. You can call popular data science models such as PMML, PFA, and to augment your dashboards and reports with your custom predictive and prescriptive analytics.

  • Integrate into data transformation workflows
  • Call live and on the fly from reports
  • Embed results into dashboards and executive reports
Yellowfin flow diagram
Yellowfin dashboard

Create Management reports and ExCo decks

Create professional management reports and decks that will impress even the most demanding executives, and board members. Combine the right data and collaborate with the right people to reduce the amount of time it takes to build impactful, data driven reports or presentations.

  • Create data Stories and and long form analyses
  • Create templated management decks
  • Embed live data or point-in-time snapshots

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Matthew Ranson, Senior Analyst
St. Lukes Health

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