A day in the life

The data analyst

Yellowfin makes your job better, easier, and funner. 
(Not a word but it should be.)

Man On Train

9:15 AM. Request arrives
While you slept, your data didn’t and your business team already has a request about a Yellowfin Signal.

10:20 AM. Prepare data
You need more insight. You prepare your data for analysis with Yellowfin Data Prep.

Data Prep Guy
Discovery Team

11:45 AM. Discover
With the help of Assisted Insights, you find something awesome. This is big -- you chat with a coworker.

2:30 PM. Write story 
You add context and write and share your narrative with Yellowfin Stories.

Explore Stories

4:25 PM. Receive kudos 
You solved it. You’re the hero.  Celebrate with your libation of choice. (Please do so responsibly.)

Yellowfin Dashboard Analytics

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