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White label and embed Yellowfin analytics into your software to increase your customer win rate and decrease churn

Deliver the best analytical experience in your software to ensure you retain and grow your customers. Yellowfin is ranked number 1 for embedded analytics and white labelled BI tools, and trusted among hundreds of enterprise software developers worldwide. With Yellowfin, you can OEM Business Intelligence into your product and bring your custom analytics offering to market faster.

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Why embed Yellowfin?

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Shift from your legacy or home grown reporting solution to a proven embedded analytics platform your customers will love

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Amplify the reach of your application by acquiring new users and engaging more deeply with existing users within your customer base with custom analytics

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Plug AI into your software instantly, automating data discovery and analysis to take you way ahead of your competition

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White label and embed the Yellowfin Suite into your software to build new business models, disrupt markets and create new revenue streams

Deliver an exceptional customer experience sooner

Create the best data-driven customer experience for your app. Embed beautiful dashboards that are on brand, and a pleasure to use. Integrate custom analytics seamlessly into your application with actionable workflows that let your users work with your data the way they want to - directly from a dashboard, and automate the mundane tasks of data discovery.

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Dashboards that make an impact

With Yellowfin canvas and code-mode you can create stunning dashboards without constraints. Highly flexible and extensible, Yellowfin dashboards make it possible for you to create a unique, integrated analytics experience that will delight your customers.

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Fully integrated with actionable workflows

Easily embed Yellowfin into your application, and with our in-built actions, integrate workflows where your users can update your application directly from our dashboards. Yellowfin enables the tightest analytics integration possible to ensure your users have a consistent journey through your software.

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Future-proof your analytics solution

Recognised by analysts globally, Yellowfin leads the market in innovation, offering a white label BI tool. With our Signals (automated data discovery) , Assisted Insights (automated analysis) and actionable dashboards combined with your integrate data science models Yellowfin gives your product an instant innovation boost to put you way ahead of your competition.

Everything your customers will demand

Analytics has moved on from just simple dashboards. Today’s business people demand a range of business intelligence capabilities to meet their internal reporting and management needs. To ensure you meet these evolving needs, Yellowfin has created a suite of analytics products with the broadest range of functionality available on the market. From traditional reporting and white label analytics through to augmented and automated analytics - everything you need from a single integrated platform.

  • Traditional

    • Tabular Reports
    • Broadcast & Scheduling
    • Export to spreadsheets
  • Augmented

    • Assisted Insights
    • Automated Analysis
    • Operationalise Data Science Models
  • Modern

    • Self-Service Data Discovery
    • Actionable Dashboards
  • Collaborative

    • Data Stories
    • Management Decks

Our Software, Your Business

Every software company is different. Our approach to partnering means we work with you to ensure the commercial model aligns with your needs and gets your analytics product to market fast. It’s a long term partnership that begins with our proven go-to market process.

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Embed and White label analytics

At the heart of your product experience is your brand and the relationship you have with your customers and users. When you OEM business intelligence from Yellowfin, you can completely rebrand and white label BI and analytics into your application to build deeper, stronger relationships with your customers.

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Accelerate time
to value

Get to market fast with a game changing analytics solution. With our Launchpad packages, documentation, product training and awesome support we’ve successfully helped hundreds of software companies integrate analytics and launch their custom embedded BI tools quickly and easily.

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Low total cost of ownership

Yellowfin provides you with all the admin tools and automation processes to enable you to maintain your solution at the lowest cost possible. Deliver your custom BI tool to tens of thousands of users with just a small admin footprint.

Yellowfin Embedded by the numbers

300+ partners ranked us #1

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“We chose to embed Yellowfin because it makes our software stand out in the marketplace. Our customers love Yellowfin’s extensive visualisation options, which helps them to intuitively interpret information, and save time and money.”

Steve Voller,
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“Five years ago, we compared Yellowfin to Tableau and Qlik, and it was level-pegging, but Yellowfin has been refreshing the product continuously over the past five years. The 7.4 release has a lot of new and innovative features which we and our customers will find very useful. ”

Rikus van der Merwe

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