Give your users access to the data they need with embedded analytics 

Give end users an amazing analytics experience by providing dashboard and analytics reporting capabilities to your customers. And it's a lot simpler than you think, requiring minimal effort by your product, design and development teams. By embedding white-labelled analytics into your software, you can provide your customers with access to their data in the form of beautiful dashboards, charts and easy-to-use (but powerful) self- service BI.

Three simple ways to add analytics to your product

From beautiful pre-built dashboards to user-friendly self-service reporting, Yellowfin has everything you need to deliver analytics as part of your application.

1 - Plug-in Yellowfin dashboards

Deliver stunning, seamlessly integrated pre-built into dashboards into your application, or let your customers build their own. Yellowfin dashboards set the global benchmark for usability and design impact.

2 - True self-service analytics

If you want to enable your customers to create their own ad -hoc reports, and remove the reporting workload on your development team, then enabling customer Self Service BI is the way to go.

Let your customers, across all areas of their business, ask the hard questions of their data with Guided Natural Language Query (NLQ) — a highly intuitive query tool accessible from anywhere within your application.

3 - Analytics anywhere

If you want to incorporate visualizations or dashboards directly into your application’s workflows to help your users to make better decisions whilst engaging with your software, then contextual embedding is the solution you have been looking for.

Use Yellowfin’s simple API to add reports, charts and dashboards to your software with minimal code.

Extend your analytics experience

Dashboards are just the beginning. Depending on your use- cases, data and customer needs, Yellowfin has a unique set of reporting and analytic capabilities to create unique customer experiences.

Automated analysis

Signals automatically analyzes your customers’ data for them and notifies them when something has changed. It’s a simple way for customers to discover significant, complex changes in a sea of data without having to look.

Data stories & presentations

If your CX team reports back to your customers on a regular basis about the usage of your product then Yellowfin’s powerful data storytelling capability could automate this process and deliver a much more user friendly outcome. Yellowfin Stories and Present allow you to combine charts and tables with narrative in easy-to-consume formats your end users will love, and actually read—perfect for time-based reports and summaries, or customer overviews.

Every visualization you need

Communicate data effectively with custom JavaScript visualizations. Any visualization is possible with Yellowfin.

Deliver more, code less

By embedding the Yellowfin platform you:

  • Reduce the development time spent by your dev team getting your analytics module to market
  • Reduce the support burden, on your dev team, for creating new reports and dashboards
  • Provide visionary functionality and better access to data that will delight your customers

Transform your product with embedded analytics

Increase the value of your product by providing customers with Yellowfin’s market leading analytics platform.

  • Help customers understand the value you provide with detailed analysis of their data.
  • Stay ahead of your competition by providing visionary reporting functionality
  • Provide your sales team with a significant product differentiator to help them win

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