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Finance is all about the figures. But, piecing together data from different systems and spreadsheets often makes routine reporting difficult, slow and inefficient to compile – let alone strategic planning, budgeting and forecasting. Imagine if you could instantly visualize all your financial data in one place and monitor performance at-a-glance.

Yellowfin delivers the real-time insights and robust security you need to track, analyze and act on the financial KPIs important to your business – all with a few simple clicks. Identify trends in revenue, assess growth, perform cost analysis, manage expenses and assets. Even determine profitability by business unit, product or region. Monitor working capital and operating cash flow, assess your debt to equity ratio, or compare accounts payable to accounts receivable. Easily track gross and net profit margins to achieve big returns by making small adjustments.

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Finance Team - Yellowfin

“As a finance professional, my tool of trade has historically been the spreadsheet. But life has moved on. Yellowfin has allowed us to continually improve the process of statutory and government report submission. I can now provide richer and deeper information regarding the financial operations of the university.”


Chandrama Acharya
Statutory Surveys Manager
Macquarie University
Yellowfin Systems Administrator

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