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    4 Key Features of a Modern BI Dashboard

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    The search for actionable insights: 4 must-have analytics features

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    Beyond Basic Dashboards: 5 Must-Have Analytics Features

    While dashboards provide a snapshot of data, embedded analytics solutions offer more robust insights by integrating data directly into user workflows. Instead of developing a custom solution from scratch, buying an analytics solution can save you time and resources. In this session, you'll learn what to look for when selecting an embedded analytics solution - from ease of use and security features to scalability capabilities that ensure successful implementations in all types of organizations.

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    Ask Me Anything About Data Storytelling

    Make it easier for stakeholders to understand and act on essential information with data storytelling: a more engaging and memorable way to communicate insights. Learn the key concepts of data storytelling, including selecting the most relevant data, choosing the appropriate visualization technique, and weaving the data into a story that communicates a clear message.

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