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    4 Key Features of a Modern BI Dashboard

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    The search for actionable insights: 4 must-have analytics features

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    Live Webinar: BFSI: 3 Key Opportunities to Survive and Thrive in 2023

    Banks and financial services companies are struggling to improve CX operations and minimize risk while reducing costs. Yet, many companies lack data analytics capabilities to provide insights about how to better utilize their data to improve their business. In this webinar, Yellowfin and Concentrix will provide recommendations for 3 key opportunities: anti-money laundering, risk management, and collections. 

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    Live Webinar: Securing and Governing Your Analytics Data with Yellowfin. Register now.

    Securing and governing data is crucial to every business. Without appropriate governance, your company is vulnerable to data misuse, inaccuracy, and breaches. In this webinar, Edgar and Katie from Minerra use examples from real customer projects to show how Yellowfin's data security and governance functionality offered keeps your analytics data secure and reliable.

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