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Take action on every change in your business, everywhere you are, with the Yellowfin mobile app. As part of the Yellowfin analytics suite, extend your ability to discover, collaborate and act on insights and create an inclusive and effective data culture with an experience reimagined for a mobile world.

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Discover Yellowfin App: Empowering Decision Makers

Every what, every how and every why. Everywhere.

Yellowfin paired with the Yellowfin mobile app means you will always know when, what and importantly, why something changed in your data. How? With a range of simple-to-use tools, Yellowfin is the only analytics suite that successfully combines industry-leading automated analysis, data storytelling, and collaboration. And we deliver this all through a simple timeline interface curated for a mobile-specific experience, enabling you to see a change, understand why it happened and then do something about it wherever you are.

Every spike, drop and trend change. Yellowfin Signals on the Yellowfin Mobile App

Automated discovery with Yellowfin Signals. Powerful, AI-driven Automated Analysis that lets you know when, what and importantly, why something changed in your data.

  • Automation trawls your business’ data for statistically significant changes
  • Instant, personalized notifications of changes in your data
  • Trend changes, period comparisons, spikes, dips and more
  • Reduce your time to insight discovery and action

Every insight, explanation and comment. Yellowfin Stories on the Yellowfin Mobile App


Data Storytelling with Yellowfin Stories. Magic happens when you combine trusted data with the power of words.


  • Engaging stories in an article-like format with your data
  • Combines governed data with a written narrative, images, and video
  • Read, share, comment, discuss, and engage with stories
  • Consume data in its full context with explanations of why things happened
Yellowfin mobile discussion screen

Every discussion, reply and follow. Collaboration on the Yellowfin Mobile App

Engage with data like you've never done before with a familiar timeline experience.

  • Interact with data in familiar ways with common social interactions
  • Discuss an insight with colleagues, clap a brilliant data story, and share automated insights
  • No need to switch between applications to take action on your data

The answer to creating an inclusive, collaborative data culture is in your hands.

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