Automated Business Monitoring, Signals and threshold alerts.

Whether you're using threshold based alerts or Yellowfin Signals to automatically monitor your data, you can ensure that you will know when and why important changes to your business data happens, when they happen.

Yellowfin Signals

Yellowfin Signals: Constantly Monitoring Your
Business Data

With Yellowfin Signals, you know when, what and importantly, why something happened. Combined with threshold alerts, it’s your shortcut from data to insights so you can confidently jump straight to actionable conclusions. Signals is also part of the only analytics suite that combines automated data discovery, action based dashboards and data storytelling into an integrated platform enabling you to extract transformational value from your data.

Threshold Alerts

For the things you know

Threshold notification

Yellowfin monitors your data for preset custom alert conditions and sends a notification when threshold values are hit.

Yellowfin Signals

For the things you don’t

Signal notification

Uses Automation and AI to trawl your data for statistically significant changes and notifying you of the ones that are relevant

How Signals - powerful, AI-driven automated analysis - finds what you can't

Smart and automated, Yellowfin Signals finds and delivers relevant changes in your data.

Yellowfin Signals automates data discovery by trawling your business’ data for statistically significant changes and notifying you of the ones that are relevant to your role. Trend changes, period comparisons, spikes, dips and more. You’ll be automatically alerted to the most important changes as they happen so you can act immediately. Plus, a signal comes complete with natural language explanation and additional analysis on correlated data changes so you can uncover the root cause fast.

Automated insight discovery with Yellowfin Signals. A lot can happen in a minute (and a bit).

Use Signals in

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Signals help retail organizations track shopper, transactional, and category trend data for insights that improve transactional volume and customer profitability, minimize supply chain costs, and optimize the checkout process. With Signals you can track conversion rates, changes in revenue and detect fraudulent activity.

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With Signals for AdTech, Yellowfin helps you to continuously monitor ad performance across every campaign and every segment informing you of anomalous spikes and drops in metrics such as traffic volume, quality and conversion rates providing the ability to optimise ad performance, identify fraudulent activity and receive instant insight into changes in revenue.

Health icon


Yellowfin helps payors, providers, and suppliers analyze massive amounts of clinical, claims, EMR, incident and drug usage data to automatically detect outliers and changes as they happen. As a result, optimize decisions about how best to care for patients and reduce the overall cost of care and operational risk.

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Yellowfin Signals provides fintech companies the ability to detect and diagnose issues early and resolve them quickly. Such as identifying unusual drops or increases in payment processing error rates across multiple payment entities, geographies, or devices. With Signals fintech customers have better visibility into their online customer experience.

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Yellowfin enables manufacturers to improve throughput and product quality by quickly detecting and mitigating emergent process issues. Analyze variability in demand, supplier delivery times, quality issues, and product-line disruptions. Manufacturers get the actionable insights they need to improve equipment uptime, increase the efficiency of production operations, and more fully utilize the potential of the plant.

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Reduce churn and increase average revenue per user (ARPU) using Yellowfin Signals by automatically identifying changes in service quality. Track the call setup success rate (CSSR) or average network quality across multiple sites, devices, operators and locations to detect a sudden drop in 
network performance.

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Use Yellowfin Signals to optimize your players gaming experience, understand the impact of new features and how changing usage patterns are impacting revenue. By monitoring metrics such engagement, churn, retention and purchases Yellowfin helps game developers to ensure a seamless gaming experience and maximise revenue.

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Reduce energy costs and improve building operations through real-time tracking, analytics, and optimization. Yellowfin Signals for Energy Management uses machine learning techniques to enable anomaly detection that helps lower costs, improve building operations, and meet utilities’ and their customers’ shared energy-efficiency goals.

What Signals monitors


An outlier is a sudden spike or drop in a metric that falls outside of its expected range. Typically the metric will revert back into its expected range after the outlier observation has occurred. For example an unusually hot day can cause a spike in electricity usage which returns to normal the following day when temperatures cool.

Outliers graphic
Augment the Dashboard Experience graphic

Augment the Dashboard Experience

Add Signals directly to your dashboard in the Dashboard builder and be notified of changes as they happen within your dashboards relevant to the information in that dashboard. For example add a Signals widget to a Marketing Dashboard that was linked to Signals generated off web-site traffic data. Users can click on any signal displayed in the dashboard widget, and open that signal for full exploration.

Part of an integrated
Analytics Suite

Yellowfin provides everything you need to deliver exceptional data experiences by simplifying the entire analytics workflow from connecting to and preparing your data, building dashboards and preparing management reports. This is because Yellowfin is only enterprise analytics suite that combines action based dashboards, automated data discovery, and data storytelling into a single, integrated platform.

Part of an integrated Analytics Suite graphic

Imagine never missing a thing!

Reduce time to Insight

No need to build a report or dashboard to track every possible combination of your data, and then hope you find that critical change. Just point Signals at your data source and let it do the work for you.

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