Announcing Yellowfin Signals and Stories

A complete breakthrough in BI

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Are you struggling to uncover the business problems and opportunities buried in your data, despite having multiple dashboards and reports? Most people are. And it's not your fault.

The problem is your dashboards. They're great for monitoring your business. Terrible for anything else - including data discovery, which is the only way you will uncover the issues and opportunities buried in your data.

Join us on Thursday 29th November at 
2:00pm AEST to see these products in action

Yellowfin Signals and Stories

Join the upcoming webinar to hear Yellowfin’s SVP Global Strategic Marketing, Daniel Shaw-Dennis and Global Product Marketing Manager, Ivan Seow as they showcase the brand new Yellowfin Signals and Stories - designed to send automatic alerts about critical changes in the business and allow you to generate common, consistent understanding across your organization through data storytelling.

Daniel Shaw-Dennis

Daniel Shaw-Dennis
SVP Global Strategic Marketing

Ivan Seow

Ivan Seow
Global Product Marketing Manager

During the webinar, they will also:

  • Explain why BI dashboards are failing to provide the insight they promised
  • Demonstrate why Yellowfin Signals and Yellowfin Stories will transform the way we consume and act on data
  • Inspire your thinking around BI adoption and help you to future-proof your BI strategy.