Yellowfin Solution for BMC Helix and Smart Reporting

Yellowfin is the software behind BMC’s Smart Reporting Module.

Customers can now purchase a fully supported Yellowfin analytics platform that can help extend the life of their current Smart Reporting reports and works with BMC’s new Helix ITSM platform. 

Yellowfin will provide customers with fully supported analytics software, including bug fixes, product support, and new functionality such as NLQ.

In addition, the Yellowfin Analytics Platform makes it easy for BMC Helix customers to access multiple applications, connecting to any number of data sources, delivering enterprise-grade analytics across cloud applications, cloud services, and on-premise applications.

Continue to use a fully supported version of Yellowfin:

  • No need to migrate to a new reporting platform
  • No need to rebuild reports and dashboards
  • Direct support from Yellowfin and or our BMC certified partners


Upgrade to the latest version of Yellowfin for:

  • Improved self-service reporting with new features (e.g. NLQ)
  • Improved Dashboards
  • Improved exports and broadcast functionality


Additional Data Sources:

  • Connect to additional data sources to get the full picture of your ITSM environment
  • Continue to access BMC’s ITSM data sources


Easy Transition

We will work with you to make this transition as simple and easy as possible. Find out more by contacting us and speaking to our team.

Speak with someone from the team.

Note: By registering, you confirm that you agree to the processing of your personal data by Yellowfin as described in the Privacy Statement. Yellowfin is part of the Idera group and may share your information with its parent company Idera, Inc., and its affiliates. For further details on how your data is used, stored, and shared, please review our Privacy Statement.
Yellowfin Suite Scene

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