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Business Monitoring Systems: Using Machine Learning to Analyze Business Metrics

Business Monitoring Systems: Using Machine Learning to Analyze Business Metrics

Data is ever-growing, and your customers need more than just dashboards to keep track of operations and business outcomes. One unseen disruption or missed trend could lead to higher costs, or jeopardize customer satisfaction and loyalty with your product. Now, more than ever, is the time to leverage automation.

Your business health depends on many factors - all of which require continuous monitoring.

But with our data always growing in size, scope and complexity, it’s a difficult task to keep track of every KPI or process manually. Relying on your users to perform manual data discovery isn’t enough for them to be able to consistently analyze everything for the insights they need today.


Tracking key performance metrics and managing operational processes isn’t just about having dashboards ready, but the ability to proactively find, analyze and act on changes, disruptions and trends in your data without missing anything - but doing so manually takes a lot of time.
So what if your users could now be automatically notified of critical changes or trends, at scale and in real-time?

This is where automated business monitoring (ABM) comes in.

Also known as automated analytics or automated reporting, ABM is an analytical capability that enables users to discover and deliver relevant insights - automatically and in real-time - without the need for manual data exploration. Using algorithms and machine learning, the system lets your users know exactly what’s happened, where and when it’s occured, and how performance is affected via automatic alerts. These dynamically generated results then further guides your users to discover why something has happened - much faster than they can manually discover.

Automated business monitoring systems are not new, but they are rapidly rising in accessibility and are now available in leading embedded analytics platforms - and unlike previous generations of alerting or notification mechanisms, these solutions excel at separating the signal from the noise, learning what users consider relevant and then delivering only those insights.

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  • 5 business benefits of automated data discovery with ABM
  • Evolution of dashboards to automated business monitoring
  • How automated business monitoring separates insights from noise
  • Why automation elevates - not replaces - your embedded dashboards

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