Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust saves approximately a week a month on data processing with Yellowfin.

The key facts:

  • Yellowfin has been adopted by 100+ people - more than ever before

  • Approximately a week saved per month on data prep

  • Improved visibility across the business into KPIs and performance metrics

  • Internal processes and clinical behaviors have been optimised.

Why change?

Cognos and QlikView were not being used to their full potential. QlikView was used exclusively for financial information, so it was impossible to add in additional data sources. Cognos was difficult to use and any new reports had to be built by BI developers.

David Thompson, Information and Development Manager at the Trust, wanted to decentralise report building, and find an easier tool to use so that the wider business could create and consume content, without a huge amount of training.

“Yellowfin has removed a huge amount of administrative work required by the Analytics Team. For example, with the Refer to Treatment Time (RTT) report, we have been able to apply all the business rules in Yellowfin. Thanks to its metadata and presentation layer you can simply click on the metric and see everything you need to see about a particular patient, what happened, when it happened, if an appointment was missed etc. From an end users point of view, it saves a lot of time, and makes it very easy to view the bigger picture.”

David Thompson,
Information and Development Manager,
Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust

Empowering Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust to review and improve its performance, with enhanced reporting.

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