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Automation and advanced analytics reveals change in customer demand at caring facility, Granhøjen.

The key facts:

  • Leadership team now receives reports that provide deep and up-to-date insight into the company’s contracts, so that they can act immediately

  • The customer services department has been able to improve resident flow and their follow up routine thanks to new reports relating to new enquiries, registrations, and departures.

Granhøjen is a rehabilitation centre based in Denmark. It has been offering housing, employment and treatment to adults with mental illnesses and social problems for more than 30 years. 

The facility has created a community where residents have the opportunity to work, get active and learn new skills. Through this process, the residents can create an identity that is not linked to their social problems or illness. They have approximately 120 staff including therapists, psychologists, and interdisciplinary staff who determine the best possible treatment for each individual.

“The price-value of Viteco’s BI solution, SPEED, was exceptional. The cost of Yellowfin licenses alone was covered with the purchase of the complete solution, and we’ve saved about 25-30 hours a quarter by automating data collection”

Mads Olsen
Chief Operating Officer,

Their story

At the privately-owned residences in Holbæk, it is important that the staff, services, and buildings continually adapt to the number of residents and their changing needs.

Over time, Granhøjen has expanded from 40 to 120 employees, and as a result getting a complete overview of the company’s key figures has become a heavy administrative task.

“The figures we used to give the board were a month old and out of date by the time we presented them,” says Mads Olsen, Chief Operating Officer at Granhøjen, “I felt frustrated that we lacked quick and easy access to  information and weren’t able to make management decisions based on up-to-date data. It used to take around 25-30 hours a quarter to collect data via Excel for each board report.”

The solution

Mads Olsen expected a data project, that would proactively improve the business, to take a couple of years to implement and cost thousands of dollars. However, as soon as he saw Viteco’s solution, SPEED, he knew they could get results quickly, and cost-effectively.

The team at Granhøjen were excited to get a Proof of Concept (PoC) in motion. Viteco worked with them to extract data from their business applications, load the data to Exasol, and run a workshop to define the reporting requirements before building a set of reports in Yellowfin. With Yellowfin, Viteco have found that you can report at a much earlier stage and do the ETL programming afterwards. The turnaround time for Granhøjen’s management team to extract their first reports was exactly a month and a half.

“The combination of Exasol, Yellowfin and Viteco has enabled us to develop our solution much faster than we ever imagined. It has been amazing to start something, and see results so quickly”

Mads Olsen
Chief Operating Officer,
Case Study Granhojen

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