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Delivering competitive insights to the banking and finance industry.

The key facts:

  • 350,000+ Surveyed Annually

  • 55% Growth Year over Year

RFi Group conducts some of the largest and most comprehensive financial research in the world, surveying over 350,000 consumers annually. The insights gleaned from this research give RFi Group the knowledge that underpins the advisory, benchmarking and payments  consulting services it provides its financial clients.

“Yellowfin has empowered RFi Group to provide the banking and finance industry with the best analytics platform on the planet.”

Reinis Grauds

Their story

We also understood that searching through emails to retrieve static file-based reports made it difficult for clients to find desired information quickly or easily explore data to uncover new insights. RFi Group wanted to deliver a more gratifying, insightful and immediate experience where customers could interactively explore live data via intuitive reports, visualizations and dashboards. We wanted to dramatically improve our customer offering.

The solution

Integrate Yellowfin into RFi Group’s Beyond Analytics Platform, so that organizations in the banking and finance industry can explore, share and act on critical competitive insights faster and easier than ever before.

“We know that security is paramount for our clients, which is why RFi Group engaged with a penetration specialist to test Yellowfin’s security. Yellowfin has been built from the ground up to present data securely – and that’s exactly what the test proved.”

Reinis Grauds

“RFi Group’s Beyond Analytics Platform is a great example of moving up the chain of analytics from diagnostic to predictive analytics,”

Head of Retail Risk for ANZ, Jason Humphrey.

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Yellowfin provides a single, integrated enterprise analytics platform for delivering faster, better insights for the whole business, regardless of function or industry.

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