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Data Storytelling

The Power of Using Narrative in HR Software

Storytelling is a fundamental skill, yet using data to tell stories is still an emerging concept. Today, knowing its purpose is key to making the most of your HR applications analytics.

One of the main challenges of analytics is making it accessible to more than just trained experts within an organization. Not everyone is data literate to the degree they need to be able to consume, understand, and action data on a dashboard.

Dashboards on their own are very data rich, but many critical events and influences behind the numbers can't be captured, and actions taken that impacted the numbers are simply not reportable; as a result, the data only tells you half the story.

The reality is people tell the full story, and narrative is a more natural way for humans to absorb important information than the straightforward delivery of data.  Using storytelling in analytics means everyone can gain richer meaning from data.

In this free white whitepaper, learn:

  • What data storytelling is - as both a technique and analytics feature for your HR application
  • How data storytelling works - with use case examples and tips for HR software
  • Why data storytelling is ultimately integral to your analytics efforts today

This educational guide will demystify the conversation around data storytelling, and help you understand its usefulness for all types of analytics users. Get it free today.

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