Exasol and Yellowfin.
Better Together.

Yellowfin + Exasol

If you have complex and real-time queries, then a fast analytics database helps you experience the full power of your BI tool. Many BI vendors lock you into their proprietary database, limiting how you can use your own data. Combining Yellowfin with Exasol provides a best-of-breed solution that leaves you in control of which tools can access your data, now and in the future. 

Exasol and Yellowfin approach data with a similar mindset. Both are designed to deliver optimal performance while playing well with others - no more lock-in. Together, they can work with both existing legacy systems as well as modern analytics stack, and make the impossible seem simple.

Exasol’s analytics database provides superior performance, ease of use and choice. Deploy wherever you need to-on cloud, on-premises, or with a hybrid strategy.

Yellowfin has extensive capabilities across dashboards, reporting, visualisations, and data storytelling, and understands how to transform the way you engage with data through a number of intuitive and powerful analysis features.

Automated business monitoring

Constantly trawl and monitor your data for statistically significant changes, and only be alerted when something relevant is discovered. Add Yellowfin Signals to your dashboards to provide personalized alerts and insights right where you need them.

Automated Business Monitoring

Data Storytellng

Data storytelling

Data doesn’t have to mean just reports and dashboards. Communicate the context behind the data using words and images (and video) and share within your secure, governed environment as you might a news article or blog post in your non-work life. Use the Yellowfin Mobile App on your mobile device for the latest Stories in a more consumable format.

Action-based dashboards

Yellowfin dashboards can provide a wealth of information, creating actions that send data to other applications, or automating routine tasks. Build it once, then re-use it elsewhere. Take action, rather than juggling valuable data across all the software you use every day.

Action based dashboards

Yellowfin Signals Illustration

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