A guide to embedding 
analytics into your 

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Embedding analytics is becoming increasingly easier. But that doesn’t mean it’s straightforward.

Many software vendors assume coding and embedding analytics are more or less the same. But they’re not. They require different and specialised approaches. That’s why we have put together this in-depth guide to embedding analytics.

This free eBook draws on all our experience in guiding many software vendors through the embedding process and walks you through each key step for successfully embedding analytics. It’s practical, tried and tested advice that’s proven to work again and again.

This free, detailed guide to embedding analytics includes:

  • How to set your vision, goals and objectives
  • Building your delivery team
  • Designing for your audience
  • Selecting the right analytics platform
  • Integration into your app
  • Testing
  • Pricing
  • Preparing teams across all departments
  • Launch, roll-out and post-launch strategies
  • Case studies

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