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The Embedded Analytics Maturity Curve

Understanding your software product’s analytic maturity level

Today, there is increasing pressure on product owners to improve the analytic capability of their software. But before you can add any new feature effectively, you have to assess your data and analytics readiness.

Product manager face many decisions when launching a new product, such as:

1. Can analytics be adopted earlier to guide decision-making vs retro-fitted later?

2. How does the current data structure affect your users’ insights potential?

3. What decisions should be made as the Minimum Viable Product is determined?

To maximize the value of your data assets in the long-term, it is critical to identify and address the areas where you may need to improve your existing software’s analytical capability before an embedded analytics solution can be adopted. The Embedded Analytics Maturity Curve, a strategic assessment framework for product managers and software owners, helps you plan your implementation.

In this free whitepaper guide, you can expect to learn:

  • What the Embedded Analytics Maturity Curve is and why it's important
  • The defined maturity phases of the overall software product journey today
  • How the Maturity Curve can be used as a roadmap to formulate your analytical development, adoption and long-term strategy


The Maturity Curve will help your team understand the requirements to action the most effective and efficient introduction of embedded analytics into your software product possible, whether it is existing software or a new product. Get it free today.

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