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What is Contextual Analytics? 

Creating more customer value in HR software applications

Embedded analytics has brought dashboards into our enterprise applications - but they're still used as separate tools to your core software. What if there was a better way to bring analytics closer to your users?

The next level of embedded analytics - contextual analytics - makes this possible.

Contextual analytics brings the level of context your users want - and need - to find deeper insights and make more accurate decisions, just from using your app as normal. They don’t have their workflows interrupted because they have to switch contexts or windows to find more information, and the pain point of accessing a standalone module for BI is eliminated. They have their data in dashboards and reports, and dynamically delivered insights, right as they interact with the software.

Most importantly, contextual analytics makes guided insights possible. They don't have to manually look for changes or trends in their HR data for answers - a process prone to human error or data fatigue, and dependent on skillset. It empowers everyone to be effective in their work, by augmenting their analysis capability whilst transacting in your software application.

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  • What contextual analytics can do to elevate the value of your HR application
  • How contextual analytics fuses user workflow and analytics together for seamless BI
  • Why contextual analytics is a game-changer for deeper workforce insights and analysis

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