Yellowfin vs. Sisense

An embedded analytics comparison guide.

If you are looking to white label analytics into your app or software, explore the comparison guide below to understand the key differences in embedded BI solutions.

Great apps start with great analytics.

Assemble & deploy data apps quickly with enterprise-grade functionality that end users demand.

Embed analytics into your existing software or create amazing analytics-first applications to significantly improve your end users experience through contextual analytics that support decision making and transactional workflows.

Feature Yellowfin Sisense
Design Flexibility Fully flexible design canvas capability to create beautiful data-driven applications without constraint. Rigid, grid-style dashboard layout.
Developer Tools Extend dashboards by creating custom UI objects or connecting to third-party APIs to trigger workflows with Code Mode — powered by familiar development languages like HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Limited widget extension capability for developers.
Contextual Embedding Low code/no code assembling of all Yellowfin products, capabilities and content into web pages, software and analytical apps — supported by rich APIs — with multiple embedding approaches. Can only perform simple embedding of a Dashboard or Widget.
Automated Business Monitoring Automated monitoring of your data for critical changes and notifying you immediately with Yellowfin Signals. No equivalent capability.
Assisted Data Discovery Ask a question on a data point and have Yellowfin Assisted Insights uncover statistically-significant insights paired with automatically-generated charts and natural language narratives. No equivalent capability.
Data Storytelling Advanced data storytelling capability with Yellowfin Stories for long form narratives, and Yellowfin Present for slide-show presentations. No equivalent capability.
Reporting & Self Service Advanced reporting with multiple drill and formatting capabilities, complex tables, action buttons, integration of pixel-perfect reporting tools and full self-service reporting. Very limited reporting capability.
Collaboration User-friendly collaboration capability interwoven into the platform including discussion streams, comments, and activity timeline. Very limited collaboration capability.
Open Data Architecture Connects to any on-premises, in-memory or cloud database through live queries with optimized in-database analysis. Reliant on extracting data into a proprietary in-memory cube. Live query mode has significant limitations.
Data Preparation Connect to files, databases and API endpoints and perform complex data preparation into non-proprietary outputs which can be used with other apps in your ecosystem. No equivalent capability.
Mobile App Industry-leading automated analysis, data storytelling, and collaboration combined into a mobile-specific experience. Only traditional dashboards and threshold alerts on Sisense mobile app.

White label and embed analytics inside your app.
As simple as it gets.

Choose the only embedded analytics solution that includes powerful data discovery, visualization, automation and advanced storytelling tools to build and integrate custom analytics. Yellowfin gets you to market faster, without compromise and ensures you are supported through the process.

With its unmatched capability, scalability, design flexibility, openness, suite of developer tools and ease of deployment, Yellowfin is loved by designers, trusted by product owners and preferred by developers and devops.

And finally, rest assured that Yellowfin is a credible and stable world-class solution having been recognized as Visionary in the Gartner 2021 Magic Quadrant for Analytics & BI Platforms, and trusted by a suite of global Tier 1 customers.

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