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We believe organisations are far more successful when everyone engages with data.

With this in mind, Yellowfin have built one of the most innovative analytics products on the planet that facilitates data analysis, consumption and action.

More importantly, we are continually inspired by how our customers take our product and transform their business with their data - and how it is used to solve problems, inform decisions, create opportunities and even save lives. What we love most is sharing these innovation stories.

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Why share your story?

Through our network and reach, we share your innovative data story with the world.

Being featured as a Yellowfin success story raises your profile as a progressive modern business and showcases how you’re effectively using data to solve real problems. Typically, our customer stories include written case studies, but they can also extend to a webinar or even video, depending on your appetite to get involved. Ultimately, it becomes an asset that can be shared within your organisation to help hero the work you have done or distributed externally through PR, social and even advertising to generate awareness and interest in your business.

Interested in joining the initiative? It’s a great way to bring attention to your company’s growth, and demonstrate how you’re using advanced, innovative technology to expand your business.

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What does it involve?

We do most of the work with minimal customer involvement.

We write the case study and create all of the associated assets.

We only ask stakeholders are made available for an informal interview and to review and approve what we create.

Yellowfin customer success stories are made available on our website. We may then PR the story and share it through our social networks.

For maximum impact, we also ask you are willing to share your story journey in reaching a solution for your problem and any non-confidential business impact your use of data had.

Many of our customers have also extended their story through co-branded webinars, customer success videos and events; however, this is something that can be discussed at a later stage.

Customer Involvement Overview - Customer Success Story

  • Signed agreement
  • Stakeholder availability
  • Interview(s) with stakeholder(s) to capture (typically 0.5 - 1hr each)
    • Brand – how they would like to position their company/brand
    • Challenge, goal, problem. What does success look like?
    • Solution – the impact of implementing Yellowfin with supporting data
  • Client review, amendments and approval

We find it’s usually best if our writer can speak with at least 2 people in our customers' organisation.

We’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts, and are excited to have you on board!

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