On-Demand Webinar: Data Governance and Data Security in an Analytics Environment

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In an increasingly regulated and digital world, data governance has grown in importance to the point now where it is very high priority. This is particularly the case with respect to data security and data privacy, and in analytical environments where data and insights are now central to driving business decisions at all levels.

Join this live session to understand what is needed to implement data security and data privacy in an analytical environment and how Yellowfin’s security model addresses those requirements.


Mike Ferguson
CEO and Head of Research
Intelligent Business Strategies

Mike Ferguson is Managing Director of Intelligent Business Strategies Limited. As an independent IT industry analyst and consultant, he specializes in BI / analytics and data management. With over 40 years of IT experience, Mike has consulted for dozens of companies on BI/Analytics, data strategy, technology selection, enterprise architecture, and data management. Mike is also conference chairman of Big Data LDN, the largest data and analytics conference in Europe and a member of the EDMCouncil CDMC Executive Advisory Board. He has spoken at events all over the world and written numerous papers and articles. Formerly he was a principal and co-founder of Codd and Date – the inventors of the Relational Model and Chief Architect at Teradata on the Teradata DBMS. He teaches popular master classes in Data Warehouse Modernisation, Best Practices in Implementing a Data Mesh, Centralised Data Governance of a Distributed Data Landscape, and Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics.


Robert Jones
Sr. Solutions Architect

Robert is an IT professional with more than 30 years of experience working in a variety of Development and Architecture roles.

Robert has worked with a wide range of data management solutions including databases, ETL and integration tools (BPM and SOA) as well as data modelling and data governance tools.

Prior to joining Yellowfin, Robert was the Solution Architect on a major project to develop a new Data Platform for the John Lewis Partnership, hosted on the Google Cloud Platform and including Google Cloud Storage, BigQuery, Snowflake and Looker as well as Collibra, all integrated with Ping Federate SSO. A big part of Robert's role was working out how to integrate them effectively and securely, along with the migration of legacy data warehouses onto the new platform.

1 hour, 15 minutes


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Discover the requirements for implementing data security and data privacy in an analytical environment, and see how Yellowfin's security model addresses those requirements.