On-Demand Webinar: Embedded & Contextual Analytics with Mobile

Contextual Analytics - Your next product innovation

Data and analytics is the next frontier of innovation and competitive advantage. 

By now, we all know that relevant, advanced reporting with analytical capabilities available as part of the application is no longer simply a nice to have!

Let’s take it one step further!

Experience the power of embedded & contextual analytics on your mobile device – further empowering you to take your insights and, in that, your organisation to the next level!

Join our webinar to hear the very latest on these exciting developments.

Gustav Piater will provide an update on contextual analytics – where it is at and the enormous value waiting to be harvested. Demetrius Ganesh will share a customer success story, with a specific reference to the inclusion of ‘mobile reporting’ as part of their embedded operation reporting stack. It will focus on the VALUE, with specific reference to the learnings gained re. design, limitations for mobile, challenges experienced and how value was derived through repurposing many current embedded analytics and data feeds, into their mobile reporting stack.

If you are unable to attend the live session, register now to get the recording of the session within 24 to 48 hours of its conclusion.


Gustav Paiter
Sales & Marketing Director

A career that has, to date, spanned 25 years in Information Technology has seen Gustav gain extensive experience across IT sales, software development and support. With at least ten of those years specifically focused on Business Intelligence, Gustav has a love of ‘all things data’ and is passionate about leveraging data for competitive advantage. His current role as Sales & Marketing Director for AIGS Insights, sees Gustav responsible for the AIGS Insights channel business. His goal and commitment – to work with and support his channel partners to understand and promote the value of their combined offerings. This, in turn, freeing their customers to focus on their customers, and their customers’ customers. His personal motto – “to make a difference” is further evidenced by his role as occasional guest speaker that provides a platform for Gustav to share his learnings and experience.


Demetrius Ganesh

Executive Head - Big Data

With 23 years’ software engineering experience, two decades of which have been at MIP across various business units, Demetrius was appointed Executive Head of MIP’s Big Data division in 2019. He very quickly superseded all expectations when he and his team delivered technology that could take data from production systems in near real-time and deliver this data into a repository or data lake to provide business with real-time insights into their data, providing the ultimate platform for any business’s Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning strategy. Today, Demetrius’ division is one of the cornerstones of MIP’s offering.

46 minutes


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