On-Demand Webinar: Profitable Growth with a Full-Funnel Marketing Data Warehouse Platform

Contextual Analytics - Your next product innovation

These have been challenging times for businesses in the retail sector. Retailers struggle to understand their potential market, user interest and giving proof of the value of product, allowing young companies in marketing and sales to quickly enter and grow in the market, driving conversions and a profitable forecast.

To assist retailers with these steps, Incuda provides a technical data hub and support offer to strengthen data culture, develop new performance metrics, and translate analytical results into action.

Join Yellowfin and Incuda at 10:00 AM EDT on November 2 and learn how Incuda’s data platform uses a white-labeled version of the Yellowfin BI suite, and has leveraged Yellowfin’s extensive embedded analytics to elevate its core offering, with scalability, flexible architecture, and multi-tenant capability.

John Burr
GM, Yellowfin

John Burr is General Manager of Yellowfin BI, an Embedded Analytics and Business Intelligence company owned by Idera, Inc. An experienced technology and business leader, John's IT and software background includes full-stack software development, management consulting at Cognizant Technology Solutions, and most recently GM of APILayer Data Products.John holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from the University of Virginia and a Masters of BusinessAdministration from GeorgetownUniversity.

Franz Posch
Founder, incuda GmbH

Franz Posch has worked all his life on data-driven solutions. First as an international consultant and since 10 years at incuda, where we support multi-channel retailers with our data warehouse platform.

With Yellowfin as our main tool for standard reporting, we support our clients along the full value chain, from planning, purchasing, marketing, aftersales, logistics to the full optimization loop with the help of Yellowfin dashboards, reports, complex business metrics and data feeds.

Rajath Suresh BabuSenior Analyst, incuda

Rajath Suresh Babu is passionate about turning data into actionable insights, with over 4 years of experience in business analysis and data analytics. Knowing the main BI tools on the market, he is working with Yellowfin BI to create the information and insights which incuda customers need to drive and optimize their business.

Rajath Suresh Babu is adept at data modelling and translating the data into meaningful business visualization, and always dedicated to helping businesses make data-driven decisions.

53 minutes


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