Assisted Insights

Get the whole business to the Why faster

While most BI tools are great for monitoring business results, they don’t always explain what caused those results. Traditionally, a business user has had to ask a data analyst what happened or do their own self-service analysis. Neither approach is productive. Data analysts are overwhelmed with requests and many business questions go unanswered.

Fortunately, Yellowfin provides automated help -- combining machine-learning with human insight -- so the whole business gets to the why faster. Business users can get the answers they need quickly, and data analysts can spend more time providing deeper insight into business questions.

Assisted Insights

Assisted Insights automatically provides immediate answers without the user having to dig through all their data searching for the elusive piece of insight. Users simply ask the question they’re trying to answer, and Yellowfin finds the data to analyze, runs it through a series of steps to find the most statistically relevant results, and then presents them in easy-to-understand and best-practice visualizations and narratives.

Assisting data discovery

Today’s data analysts spend most of their time manually creating reports and responding to requests from the business. They have to follow a number of steps for manual data discovery. But now this is done instantly through Yellowfin. The report builder includes a Smart Analysis button; simply drag the data that requires analysis and click on it.

Insight Wizard provides the context

The Insight Wizard enables you to provide the context of your question and lets Yellowfin know what you’d like to analyze. You control the depth of analysis you want Yellowfin to perform.

Relevant results

Yellowfin runs a series of algorithms before displaying results that are most relevant to your data in the form of smart visualizations and narration. You then choose the charts you want to either build upon or define further.

Providing instant insights for the business user

Within your dashboards, with the click of a button, chart data is Explained or you can Compare two data points. The results are provided as auto-generated charts and their narratives are right there on the dashboard. These visualizations are ranked according to what is most relevant to you.

Collaborate on your Insights

Yellowfin enables you to collaborate on your instant insights across your enterprise. The activity stream highlights the report you performed your analysis on for easy visual reference.

Natural Language Generation (NLG)

Yellowfin’s assisted insights also provide natural language explanations of each insight.  This delivers summary and detail-level explanations that the user can control.

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