NTT-TX strengthens visualization capability for call center operations using Yellowfin dashboards


NTT TechnoCross (NTT-TX) develops and provides sophisticated solutions for the customer experience, security, cloud service, mobile communication and media industries.

Headquartered in Tokyo, the company was formed in 2017 through the merger of NTT IT Corporation, NTT Software Corporation, and the acquisition of the media-related technology business from NTT Advanced Technology Corporation, a global telecom and IT company with large R&D investment in AI, big data and speech technologies.

In the wake of COVID-19, many industries have introduced remote work, including the call center sector. NTT-TX has been providing their solutions to call centers and helping their users’ operations, but their application was previously limited in its ability to provide flexibility to realize their users’ changing requirements. NTT-TX decided to embed Yellowfin dashboards to solve this issue, and now delivers much better visualizations to their users for more efficient and effective operations as a result.

Excellent technical support, its embed capability and ease of setting up operations and hierarchy to guide our users using drill down over a phone call made us choose to embed Yellowfin.

Takashi Yamazaki, Customer Experience Business Department, Business Unit 2 – NTT TechnoCross (NTT-TX)


One of NTT-TX’s core services is a solution for call center operations. Call centers receive inquiries directly from customers, so organizations can utilize that useful feedback to improve their products and services, develop new products and even solve their business problems. In other words, improving the quality of call centers can lead to higher customer satisfaction. However, there are some issues with call centers, such as shortage of human resources and low employee retention rate, that can affect their efficiency. NTT-TX has been providing their solution, ForeSight Voice Mining to help solve these common problems.

“It can convert customer voice data into a text format by utilizing its AI capability, and analyzes real time. With this text formatted information, it evaluates whether agents are responding appropriately, displays manual documents and notifies alerts to supervisors when agents are having troubles, which enables efficient and high quality operations for call centers,” said Manabu Kimura, Customer Experience Business Department, Sales Division at NTT-TX.

However, NTT-TX’s solution previously had some issues, so the company decided to release a new version. “The previous version also provided a dashboard to analyze agent response quality and operation status at call centers, but it was not flexible enough to meet users’ needs,” said Takashi Yamazaki, Customer Experience Business Department, Business Unit 2 at NTT-TX.

Because they built the application from scratch, the company’s development team consumed large amounts of time to change it and align requirements from their users. It also could not visualize a wide variety of data, so their users needed to extract the data from the application and create reports at their end. NTT-TX eventually recognized they required an embedded analytics platform that could assist them in realizing their users’ many needs.


To address these issues, NTT-TX chose to embed Yellowfin dashboards to their application. There were important points to select an embedded product, such as flexible customization features to meet customers’ requirements fast, ability to have it as a part of their existing application rather than fully integrated, and substantial technical support to get a quick response when they faced some hurdles.

Since Yellowfin clearly separates the data preparation and report creation phases, “We thought it would be feasible in the future for us to take charge of data preparation and create reports by the users themselves,” said Yamazaki. The company is also a Yellowfin consulting partner, so the fact they have engineers who understand Yellowfin deeply was also a key factor in dispelling concerns about technical support.

Along with its simplicity and ease-of-use for both the company and their users, Yellowfin ticked all these points for NTT-TX. “For example, it was so easy to set up operations and hierarchies in Yellowfin to guide our users using drill down over a phone call,” said Yamazaki.

Benefits and Future

NTT-TX started to deliver their new version of ForeSight Voice Mining with Yellowfin dashboards from April 2019. The revamped dashboard displays more useful metrics, such as the number of calls handled, the average response time, the number of reasons why customers call to call centers, etc, so that users are able to check their operation status and agents’ response quality much better than the previous version. “You can analyze whether agents comply with the rules and talk script, and create charts to visualize that data. It is also possible to evaluate each agent’s response, such as which areas they are doing well and which not. I think this feature will contribute to guide and educate agents”, said Kimura.

NTT-TX’s users are now able to create a comprehensive evaluation report for each agent, and agents themselves can check that information based on measurable numbers, so it drives their motivation with their job and eventually leads to increased retention rate. “The revamped dashboard allows our users to check their operation status and the agent’s response quality any time, which helps them to achieve more efficient and effective operations at call centers,” said Kimura.

Looking ahead, NTT-TX is considering strengthening its agent support functions to support call centers that are increasingly becoming home based due to COVID situation. To utilize more of Yellowfin features, they are also thinking to analyze customer attribute information using accumulated voice data, and also use Yellowfin Signals to expand their ability to help their users more efficiently and effectively.

“Excellent technical support, its embed capability and ease of setting up operations and hierarchy to guide our users using drill down over a phone call made us choose to embed Yellowfin,” concludes Yamazaki.


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