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Founded in 2017, Valuable Data creates software that helps clients maximize the value of their data to:

  • Optimize processes, improve quality and sustainability, and integrate equipment features
  • Develop team skills, facilitate collaboration and attract top talent
  • Diversify activities by offering new services, including equipment forecasting
  • Improve operating margins and generate new sources of recurring income

The company covers the entire data value chain, using information flows to steer programs and deliver best-in-class predictive analytics, embedding Yellowfin’s modern analytics to analyze IoT data and send relevant alerts. Working with a diverse client base, Valuable Data’s augmented intelligence-enabled software Cockpit 360 helps clients shift business models, increase company value, improve brand recognition, secure customer loyalty, and manage and mitigate risks.

The key facts

Leveraging Yellowfin allows Valuable Data to:

  • Interpret data signals accurately and provide highly intuitive dashboards to clients
  • Modernize analytics and deliver meaningful strategic and business intelligence
  • Maintain 100% client satisfaction


Help Clients Across Multiple Sectors Maximize Data Value

When CEO Marc Daverat co-founded Valuable Data, he and his partners envisioned a new kind of software company that could help clients capitalize on their most valuable asset: their data. Today, the growing company serves businesses in a variety of sectors, from manufacturing enterprises to online real estate platforms, helping clients use data to improve all aspects of their operations. 

With deliverables as varied as predictive maintenance in factories to risk management in the home buying industry, Valuable Data needed a versatile analytics and business intelligence (BI) platform built into its application — BI that was cutting-edge and incredibly reliable. The BI solution also had to be capable of deploying seamlessly on the Valuable Data Cockpit 360 platform without interfering with the core system. Another priority: the BI tool’s analytics had to be intuitive for business users who aren’t data experts. 

“We needed a BI and analytics partner who could significantly improve clients’ data-driven decision making, and we needed a partner who’s easy to work with,” observes Daverat, who was familiar with the Yellowfin suite and understood that embedding Yellowfin could generate transformational value from data and drive adoption of the Cockpit 360 solutions. “So, Valuable Data chose to provide its clients with the best analytics products on the market, including the only automated analysis and cross-vendor storytelling products available anywhere: Yellowfin.”

Marc Daverat – Valuable Data CEO


Better Decision Making, Greater Agility for Valuable Data Clients

For business users, Yellowfin’s value proposition is simple: Yellowfin changes the way users discover and share insights so they can make the best decisions and act on changes in their data more quickly. With Yellowfin integrated into its Cockpit 360 platform, Valuable Data creates dashboards and builds analytics that customers love, including Signals to provide automated discovery — exclusively available from Yellowfin.

One of Valuable Data’s clients, GEFICCA, a leading rubber products manufacturer, uses Yellowfin-powered Cockpit 360 software for predictive maintenance. The application ingests data from a variety of sources, including IoT sensors, and gives users a heads-up when defects are detected so workers can prevent machine breakdowns in advance, keeping factory assets up and running to produce quality products.

Another client, IAD, the leading real estate network in France with annual turnover of approximately 217 million euros, harnesses the power of information using Yellowfin to follow ongoing performance, tracking agent churn, monitoring sales process and mitigating risks. Yellowfin’s intuitive dashboards and simple interface make tracking multiple KPIs easy for business users.  

“Yellowfin makes it simple to dig into the data and focus on meaningful issues so customers can solve problems and act on opportunities,” Daverat says. “With Yellowfin, business users see an easy-to-understand, actionable interpretation of the data that allows them to respond quickly when any relevant business conditions change.”

Marc Daverat – Valuable Data CEO

The Yellowfin Experience for Software Developers: VIP Treatment

Daverat and his team chose Yellowfin not only for its unique features and flexibility — they also value the relationships they’ve built with the Yellowfin team, the company’s reputation as a disruptor and the support Valuable Data receives from everyone at Yellowfin, including CEO Glen Rabie.

“Yellowfin makes it easy to sell Valuable Data Cockpit 360 solutions to customers — we have a 100% satisfaction rate,” Daverat says. “Yellowfin is incredibly responsive to our development needs, and the Yellowfin team have been hands-on in helping us win major contracts, which is a level of partnership that is truly rare. We plan to expand our use of Yellowfin’s suite as we diversify to serve new clients.”

Marc Daverat – Valuable Data CEO

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