Yellowfin Data Preparation

For any analytic project to be successful, you need your data to be ready for analysis. Yellowfin Data Preparation has everything you need to connect to, or extract data, from all your data sources and prepare your data for analysis, both manual and automated.

Simplify Data Complexity

The Yellowfin Metadata Layer is the foundation for Self Service.
Getting your meta-data layer right is a key step to enabling business user self-service, generating automated analysis and speeding up the creation of all of your content. Creating a great metadata layer is the cornerstone of a great analytics experience for all your users.

Model Data

Hide your data complexity

Your users will never need to know your table or join logic. Create an entity model to define all the joins and logic required to generate the correct database query when creating new reports. Simply drag on existing tables or for advanced SQL create virtual tables in your model.

Business Friendly

Language the business can understand.

Enable self service reporting by organising and creating business friendly terms for your fields. Simply give your field a good business name, provide a description and add your fields into logical folders to assist all your users to create the analysis they need.


Speed up content creation with default formatting.

Small things make a big difference. Define the defaults for all your fields, like decimal places, cases or date formats and save a ton of time when creating visualizations and dashboards.


Easily secure your data.

Ensure your data is secure by defining access filters for row level security or allocate field permissions that determine which users have read / write access to those particular fields.


Instant analytic automation.

With a flick of the switch your metadata layer enables advanced functionality like automated business monitoring with Yellowfin Signals, automated root cause analysis with Assisted Insights, and self service BI with Yellowfin’s Guided NLQ.

Connect to all your data

No lock in

Connect to files, relational databases, cubes, Hadoop, NoSQL and API data sources. On premise or in the cloud. If you have a bespoke data source you can even write your own connector.

The choice of database is yours. Data is not ingested into the Yellowfin Platform. As such you can connect to any supported data source and query your data without moving it. There is no proprietary database that locks you in.

Analytical Databases

Snowflake, Exasol, Google Big Query, Redshift, SAP Hana etc. Yellowfin has plenty of options for your development team.

Relational Databases

DB2 Universal Database, Progress 9.1, MySQL, HSQL, ODBC, OpenEdge, AS/400, Interbase, Universe, Firebird, Cache DB, Pervasive, Sybase ASE, Sybase Anywhere, Sybase IQ, SQLite, Derby, H2, FoxPro, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Access, Vectorwise, Greenplum, Apache Hive2 and many more!


Connecting to your favorite Web applications is now as easy as connecting to your on-premise databases. Create, share and act on analytical insights from your most important third-party Web apps with out-of-the-box dashboards and reports for Salesforce, Xero, Google Analytics, Zendesk, Twitter, YouTube and more.


Yellowfin treats your spreadsheets as just another data source. Quickly and easily combine CSV files with other data types to create a single, up-to-date and accurate version of the truth. Avoid the frustrating limitations, delays and error-prone nature of Excel reporting. Use your spreadsheet data to create stunning visual analysis and interactive reports in minutes.

Transform Your Data

Clean, blend, enrich, and transform

The data transformation capabilities within Yellowfin allow you to do the most common transformation tasks, as well as hook into web connectors like Salesforce and Google Analytics. The module helps you clean, blend, enrich, and now transform your data.

This means you can get to your insights faster and more cost-effectively because your transformation tool is completely integrated with your analytics platform.


Drag and drop interface.

Creating data transformation paths just got visual, so you don’t have to learn scripts. With Yellowfin’s integrated drag-and-drop GUI interface, your team can create data transformation flows within Yellowfin.


Multiple sources to drive your insights.

Tables, flat files, free hand SQL – there are multiple data sources available to drive your transformations. As well as web connectors to popular web-based tools such as Google Analytics, Sales Force and much more.


Integrate your Data Science Models.

In addition to providing standard transformation steps, such as aggregating, calculation, and merging, Yellowfin enables transformation widgets to tap into popular data science models such as PMML, PFA, and - as well as geocoding, on the fly.

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