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For any analytic project to be successful, organisations need their data to be ready for analysis. Yellowfin Data Preparation has everything you need to connect and extract data from all your data sources while providing easy access to your data outputs.

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Data Prep

Get well connected

Connect to files, relational databases, cubes, Hadoop, NoSQL and API data sources. On premise or in the cloud, use one of our partners or write your own. It’s that simple.

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Easy access

Merge and enhance data so it’s accessible by any analytics tool. We don’t do proprietary lock-outs.
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Data Science Transform Integrations

Dust the cobwebs off your Data Science

Get awesome insights into the business ASAP. Use our transformation widget to seamlessly integrate models into the BI workflow so that they become part of BAU sooner.

Trust the Metadata

Elevate data from meh to yeah! Our metadata layer provides the shared business language, rules, and security that make data trusted and discovery repeatable.

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See why Yellowfin ranked among the Top 5 analytics platforms across all 15 Gartner Critical Capabilities for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms, 2018

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