Reporting & Alerts

Stay on top of the trends

Your data is only actionable when it’s in the hands of the right decision-makers.  But, what if you don’t have time to log into your BI platform everyday? Yellowfin has you covered. Proactive alerts, broadcasts and subscription reporting keep you on top of business critical changes. Never miss an important shift in your data again.

Deliver insights to your entire enterprise

Not everybody has the time or desire to log into a BI platform. With Yellowfin, you can give everyone in your organization access to the data they need with broadcasts. Distribute highly customized reports to a users’ personal Timeline and email address.

Be prompted into action

The amount of data available for reporting can be overwhelming. Sometimes, that makes it hard to identify critical changes in your data as they occur. Use Yellowfin’s trigger-based alerts to deliver instant notifications to your Timeline the moment key metrics fall outside predefined thresholds. Even drive immediate action with Smart Tasks that automatically create and assign tasks for completion. Boost accountability and take the right action at the right time with Yellowfin.

Subscribe to what matters

Easily subscribe to the reports, dashboards, Storyboards and discussion streams that matter to you. Effortlessly keep abreast of any changes to, and interactions with, your subscribed content via automated notifications posted to your Timeline and sent to your inbox. Build your own tailored reporting experience, and foster a data-driven decision-making culture in your organization, with Yellowfin subscriptions.

“We have gained a lot of flexibility, killed a ton of spreadsheets, become more accurate and faster – it’s been a huge boon to our business.”

– Paul Sanders, Financial Controller, Cape Kidnappers

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