Governed Platform

Easy for business, great for IT

Yellowfin is different. Unlike most BI products, we deliver all the BI functionality you need via a single-integrated platform. The result? Your BI consumers enjoy a great user experience, your data analysts feel well supported to create quality BI content, while your IT folk have all the governance features needed to ensure trust and security in your BI platform.

A BI platform for everyone

Yellowfin is a completely Web-based BI platform, deployed on a centralized architecture, with governance baked into the application. That way, you can give business users the platform they need to consume, share and collaborate on trusted data; analysts the self-service freedom to create reports and build dashboards; while IT have complete security and governance over the platform.

Govern your greatest asset

Don’t let ungoverned self-service BI initiatives create inconsistencies that adversely affect your business. Yellowfin provides you with a single governed platform that gives IT administrators control over data, reports, roles and functionality permissions for all your users. Deliver a consistent view of the right data, to the right people – no exceptions.

Rock solid security

We’re not all about speed and ease-of-use. Yellowfin also ensures that your data security is front and centre. That’s why we provide you with a role, group and data level security model that you can configure as you wish. Or, better still, use LDAP or active directory to reuse the security frameworks you already have in place in your business. Keep your data protected.

Ensure trust in your data

Ensure your non-technical business users have the confidence to independently act on BI-based insights by giving them access to clean data that’s ready to analyze. Yellowfin’s meta-data layers enable you to reuse business logic and deliver a consistent view of your data in simple business terms. Empower your business users and easily keep everyone on the same page. Ensure your organization is working with a single source of truth.

Administration Console

Allow administrators to manage, view and search system-wide configurations – from data sources, meta-data layers, language settings and users – in one place. Even optimize your BI environment and reporting content by tracking usage patterns with out-of-the-box audit reports. Manage your entire BI deployment with Yellowfin’s highly intuitive Administration Console.

Meet your growing needs

Meeting your growing reporting and analytics needs is simple with Yellowfin. Yellowfin’s range of integration options make it quick and easy to embed Yellowfin into your intranet, or even your customer facing applications. And, Yellowfin’s Java and browser-based architecture enables you to massively scale your deployment – without the spectre of an exorbitant pricing model hanging over your head.

“RFi Group’s clients can securely explore their data, safe in the knowledge that only the right people are able to view their critical business information. Yellowfin has empowered RFi Group to provide the banking and finance industry with the best analytics platform on the planet.”

– Charles Higby, Benchmarking Director, RFi Group

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Ensure trust and security in your BI platform.

Deliver a single source of truth for decision-making.