Introducing Yellowfin

A modern Business Intelligence and analytics platform that connects people and their data

Transform your data into rich visualizations and interactive dashboards. Answer your organization’s
most important questions. Then share, collaborate and make data-driven decisions.

Monitor your business with personalized and interactive dashboards.

Data Discovery

Find insights in your data quickly. No coding required.


Distribute sophisticated reports throughout your enterprise.

Collaborative BI

Align action with strategy and turn data into knowledge.


Streamline content requests and connect business users with data experts.


Tell compelling stories with your data.

Governed Platform

Ensure your data is trusted and secure.

Data Sources

Connect to all your data with ease.

Mobile BI

Your data anywhere, anytime.

"When we looked at Yellowfin, we saw something simpler than the alternatives. It's highly intuitive and 100 percent Web-based, so it's easier to consume, but without compromise. Ease of use is crucial."

– Marc Bailey, CIO - Macquarie University

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