Data Sources

Connect to all your data with ease

Data is your company’s most valuable asset. That’s why Yellowfin makes it easy for you to connect to all your enterprise data sources – wherever they are. Break down your analytic silos and connect to all the data sources you use to do your job – spreadsheets, databases, Web applications – no matter where they reside. Create a single source of the truth for all your reporting needs in Yellowfin.

Connect to all your data sources

Your data is stored in many different systems, applications and databases. Some are on-premise, others are on your desktop, while many are in the Cloud. Yellowfin lets you analyze them all – wherever they are. Connect to and query all your enterprise data sources – from operational applications in Oracle or SQL server, through to highly optimized analytical databases, OLAP cubes or CSV files. It’s all the same to Yellowfin. Even combine multiple data sources to create a single report or dashboard without the pain of having to build a data warehouse.

Breakdown the data silos

Just because you know how valuable the insights from specific Web apps can be, doesn’t mean anyone else does. Give your colleagues greater visibility via dashboards, regular broadcasts or alerts, discussions, or present your data live in meetings with Storyboard. No matter how you share your insights, Yellowfin’s API connectors ensure they’re all accessible from one place – Yellowfin.

Connect to your favorite web applications

Connecting to your favorite Web applications is now as easy as connecting to your on-premise databases. Create, share and act on analytical insights from your most important third-party Web apps, including Salesforce, Xero, Google Analytics, Zendesk, Twitter, YouTube and more.

Instant insights with pre-built content

Imagine connecting to your favorite online applications then, seconds later, exploring your data in best practice interactive dashboards. Dream no more. Yellowfin ships with pre-built reports and dashboards for its entire range of out-of-the-box connectors. Simply connect to your most important Web apps to gain instant insights with Yellowfin.

Build your own custom connectors

A new API is created every day. Yellowfin’s ‘open’ connector framework makes it easy to build your own connectors for any third-party Web app. Then simply create, visualize and act on your analytical insights in Yellowfin. Remember to visit the Yellowfin Marketplace to check out our latest connectors – free of charge.

“Yellowfin connects to our different data sources, gives us the opportunity to quickly design Views, as well as customized reports and dashboards, in a flexible and user-friendly way.”

– Prof. Dr. Marc H. Scholl, CIO, University of Konstanz

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