Webinar: “Unlocking the advantages of Mobile Business Intelligence”

In an upcoming Webinar, scheduled for Monday 29th September at 3pm Australian EST, media organization ZDNet will host an educational Webinar titled Unlocking the advantages of Mobile Business Intelligence.

The Webinar will explore the drivers, benefits and challenges of embracing Mobile Business Intelligence (BI).

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Registrants, unable to attend live on the day, will also be sent a recording for on-demand viewing.

What will this Webinar cover?

Running for approximately one hour, the Webinar will outline Mobile BI benefits and considerations, including:

  • Improved employee engagement
  • Faster time-to-action
  • Assisting to create an analytics-driven organizational culture
  • Innovative applications
  • New architectures
  • Multi-platform support

The event will also address some of the noteworthy challenges posed by Mobile BI, including data security, trust and accessibility.

Who should attend?

The Webinar will explore the drivers, benefits, considerations and implications of Mobile BI deployment, from a business-oriented perspective. Enhanced mobile technology, particularly in relation to reporting and analytics, is driving greater information democratization, for all types of workers, including:

  • Managers and executives: Real-time data and easy-to-read dashboards enable timely and accurate action, to both correct emerging problems and to take advantage of new opportunities
  • Field workers: Whether in engineering maintenance, sales or service, Mobile BI can keep staff in touch with progress towards their KPIs, with technical performance data and with opportunities to better serve customers

Expert panel

The format of the Webinar will be a conversational peer-to-peer discussion. ZDNet’s Robert O’Neill will chair a panel of Mobile BI users and experts with first-hand experience implementing BI solutions. The panel will include:

  • Gary Lau, Senior Business Analyst, Macquarie University
  • Michael Brown, Manager Demand Planning and Performance Improvement, Sydney Airport
  • Rajie Naicker, Delivery Lead and Program Manager, Altis Consulting

Why should you consider Mobile BI in 2014?

In an increasingly competitive and mobile world, where organizations are demanding faster time to action and the busiest executives are rarely ‘strapped to the desk’ anymore, the ability to interact with BI content on mobile devices will become increasingly important.

“The advent of smartphones and tablets has changed the dynamics of what mobility means in a business context,” said Principal Analyst for Business Intelligence, Analytics & Big Data at Forrester Research, Martha Bennett. “Whether it’s executives or field engineers, knowledge workers or hospital staff, there is an increasing realization that extending Business Intelligence applications to mobile devices can transform entire business processes as well as individuals’ work patterns.”

As participants could select multiple ’drivers’; the total percentage will not equal 100

Research also suggests that successful Mobile BI deployments can also assist organizations to overcome much-maligned BI user adoption rates. According to studies conducted by technology analyst and advisory firm, Gartner, delivering reporting and analytics capabilities to mobile devices can increase the pervasiveness of implementations, drive the development of an analytic organizational culture, and ultimately deliver better BI ROI through supporting more consistent fact-based decision-making processes.

“The success of Business Intelligence and analytics implementation in an organization is always measured by the level of user acceptance, how pervasive BI is in the organization and how well the solution improves decision-making,” wrote Research Director for Business Intelligence, Analytics & Performance Management at Gartner, Daniel Yuen. “Mobile use may now be the most significant consumer technology when it comes to improving BI adoption. A broadened information base always generates more insight for better decision-making.”

In fact, Gartner has predicted that mobility will play a dominant role in BI deployments into the future, forecasting that by 2015 over 50 percent of Mobile BI users will rely exclusively on mobile devices for insight delivery, and will grow the total number of BI users by 20 percent.

Yuen suggests that much of the early success regarding Mobile BI can be attributed to the influence of consumer mobile applications, which have driven BI developers to produce a more enticing, intuitive, immediately relevant and mobile-appropriate user experience.

“The enthusiasm mainly derives from the ease of use, engaging user experience, convenience and fast access to relevant and timely business information — the same attributes we expect from any consumer-grade application delivering news or sports scores on a tablet or smartphone,” said Yuen. “It is a major breakthrough and a perfect example of the consumerization of IT — from feature bloat to streamlined mobile apps; from ‘nice to have’ information to relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) that fit inside devices’ small screens; from yesterday’s or last month’s data to current business status.”

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