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What next?

From our guided video walkthroughs to a comprehensive evaluation guide, we have created a number of ways for you to explore the capability of Yellowfin and see if Yellowfin is the right fit for your analytics needs.

Take a tour of Yellowfin

Browse our walkthrough video library featuring a number of long-form Yellowfin walkthroughs.  Suitable for data analysts, product managers, developers or people that just love data, find the video that suits you and learn how Yellowfin helps you think differently about your data.

Take a tour of Yellowfin

Explore the Yellowfin Evaluation Guide

All your Yellowfin questions answered in one place. Yellowfin is available for both enterprise analytics and embedded analytics use cases, as well as for building bespoke analytical applications. Use the evaluation guide to see if Yellowfin is the right technical fit for your requirements.

Find more resources

The Yellowfin business intelligence resources section contains a comprehensive selection of white papers, case studies, webinars, analyst reports and the Yellowfin Blog. Learn data analytics best practices and get the latest industry news.

  • For the latest in visionary analytics thinking and resources, join the Yellowfin Community.

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Let us show you the best analytics product on the market with the only analytics platform that combines action based dashboards, automated business monitoring and data storytelling capability.