What’s new in Yellowfin 9.9

See how Yellowfin 9.9 provides business users with unique ways to engage with and act on their data, and addresses the needs of data analysts and developers who want to build and deploy amazing analytical experiences.

New Feature Highlights

A simple way for anyone to ask the
hard questions

How do business leaders foster a data-driven culture to help drive decision-making? That’s a good question, and Yellowfin Guided NLQ (Natural Language Query) is the right answer.

Know what, when and why — wherever you are

Experience your Yellowfin Reports alongside Signals and Stories on the mobile app with all-new interactions, delivered through a simple timeline interface curated for mobile.

Govern your data models effortlessly

Manage every performance, security, and automation setting for your data models in one place with new navigation menus.

Yellowfin 9.9 Overview

Check out the latest enhancements and see them in action.

Guided NLQ

A simple way for anyone to ask
the hard questions

New Advanced

Transform results with
predefined calculations

Enhanced Append
Data in SubQueries

Data federation just got easier

New Variance
Analysis Type

More options for variance calculations

Non-Auto Chart Improvements

Do more with your charts

Enhanced Waterfall Chart

New options for your waterfall charts

Guided NLQ in Stories

Ask questions directly within Stories

Report Access Improvements in Stories

Jump into any analysis in data storytelling

Guided NLQ on Dashboards and Presentations

Ask questions on the data
you’re looking at

Save to PDF

Improved PDF rendering for Presentations

Improved View
Builder Access

Prepare your data faster

Enhanced JWT Authentication

Applying cryptography best practice

Enhanced REST API

Tailor your report consumption experience

Yellowfin Mobile App Improvements

Every report and chart in your pocket

Support for
ClickHouse DBMS

Analyze more data

Configuration Tool

Deploying applications just got easier

Dynamic Entry
Options for SSO

More control over every unique
user session

Silent Installer

New options for automated deployments

Support for Amazon
Simple Email Service

Send email securely, globally,
and at scale

Custom Templates for Broadcast Filenames

Comply with the most stringent naming conventions

Enhanced JS API

Create your embedded

In more detail...

Guided NLQ

We have re-imagined what it truly means to be self-service in analytics. With Guided NLQ (Natural Language Query), anyone — guided with thousands of comprehensively modelled question types and sequences — can ask complex questions of their data with natural language queries. Answers, automatically delivered as best practice visualizations and tabular reports for every possible question combination, can be added into any Yellowfin content. Guided NLQ is also integrated throughout the Yellowfin platform and embeddable in any application.

New Advanced Functions

Yellowfin provides out-of-the-box advanced functions that you can utilize within your reports and charts to transform results, applying post processing calculations to initial query results. In this release, over ten additional functions have been added — automating calculations for outliers, stepped regression, growth and differences, percentage of segment, and more.

Enhanced Append Data in SubQueries

Basic and Advanced Append SubQueries on the same data source have been enhanced to allow subquery joins on fields that are not part of the final report. This removes unwanted fields from the report while simultaneously applying aggregation for the ones that matter, providing increased flexibility around multi-fact joins and federated analysis.