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OEM analytics

We’ll define OEM analytics in two parts. First, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) software is software that is manufactured to be sold to hardware and other software organizations that will sell it as part of a hardware or software bundle.

OEM analytics is therefore analytics software that has been designed to be sold to other software companies who then offer it to their own customers as part of their existing software product package. 

Why purchase OEM analytics?

You would choose to purchase OEM analytics if you already own a software application and want to also offer analytics as part of that product. By offering analytics alongside, or even embedded into your software product, you can deliver greater value to your customers.

Purchasing OEM analytics removes the need for software product owners to spend development resources and time on building their own analytics module. By choosing to embed OEM analytics rather than build, the product owners shave months to years off development time and time to market and get specialist software with advanced analytics out of the box.

OEM analytics software, like Yellowfin analytics, can also be provided as white label analytics, or white label business intelligence. This means you can customize the look and feel of the analytics software to deliver a consistent user experience within your product for end customers who will use the third-party analytics module you have embedded. 

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