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White label dashboards

White label dashboards are analytics dashboards that you can rebrand and customize. ‘White label’ refers to software that can be customized and rebranded so the end-user doesn’t know that the software is provided by a third-party. 

White label dashboards can be individually embedded onto webpages for your customers to view, or they can be just one element of a full white label analytics module that is available within your own software product.

Why use white label dashboards?

You would choose to purchase white label dashboards for your product if you wished to provide your customers with dashboards that use your own branding rather than that of the analytics vendor. This is a subset of embedded analytics.

The primary benefit of white label dashboards is that you can provide a seamless user experience through a consistent look and feel across your product or site, wherever the dashboards are embedded. 

Several analytics vendors, like Yellowfin, provide white label dashboards that you can embed internally in your intranet, embed externally on an extranet or website, or embed within another software product.

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